20 mile-ish route

On the 4th June 2011 I ran from Glasgow to Greenock in what was my 3rd marathon. (See below).

In two weeks time I’ll be running my 9th marathon at London.

I wanted a 20 miler for my long run tomorrow, and I’m going to run part of the route I did from Glasgow to Greenock, but I’ll get a lift to Port Glasgow tomorrow and run home along the cycle route 75.

The Port is on a hill so I’ll start on a downhill. Here’s the plan for my progressive long run tomorrow:

4M – 150 HR
4M – 150-160HR
4M – 160 HR
4M – 165 HR
4.2M – 170+ HR

On today’s 7 mile run my avg HR was 141, and my pace was 9:05 min miles (Vo2 max was 52). So I’m looking to see what my pace will be with my heart rate higher and going higher as the miles go on.

Hopefully it’ll give me an idea of what I can expect my pace to be on marathon day in two weeks time. The weather looks pretty ideal, not too hot, a bit cloudy with s chance of rain towards the end of the run. 🙂

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