Action Diary & goals

A few weeks ago I was a little lost – undirected … I felt like I had a lot going on… a few new work streams in work to get my head around, as well as balancing my current busy workloads … and I was needing to train for my marathon, and keep on top of everything else.

It all seemed like a lot was going on. So I thought I’d get myself an ‘Action Diary’ to help me capture my goals and help me plan my weeks and actions I needed to do. I bought it from Amazon and got a nice pink pen to go with it.

It has guidance notes at the start, about goals and how to use it. Right away it helped me write down the things I needed to do and it’s helped things seem less overwhelming. One place for everything, in a handy little book I can take with me wherever I go.

An overall yearly diary page, monthly and weekly pages – nice and easy.

Anyway – here are my goal headings for 2016:

– Radio
– Gaelic
– Apprentices
– Super Talent Coordinator – Super TC – be great at what I do.

– London marathon – enjoy and raise some money for charity – for crohn’s and colitis (more about this soon)
– Loch Ness Marathon – train for and race hopefully. (+ Skye Half in June & SS6 in November.)
– Strong – Strength once a week.
– Healthy – get a balance between training, rest, strength and sleep.

– Front garden – finish off / flowers.
– Be there with and for Fit Girl.
– Sort my Granny’s stuff.
– Sort my aunts headstone.

– Visit / spend time with friends & family.
– Fun with Fit Girl – walks, beach, flying kite, relaxing, holidays.
– Sort and close off Mum’s estate with help from others.
– Be healthy, well and stay well.

I hadn’t posted these before but these are my goals in hoping to achieve this year. 🙂

A bit of focus to help me take some action and get a bit more balance in my life.

Ps: arrived safely. 😀

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