Wk11 into Wk12

Last week I ran 36 miles across 3 runs (and I had 4 good rest days). The weather seemed to improve at the start of the week and I had my shorts on and went a good walk on Monday – active rest day.

Tuesday was s total rest day, then I did my first run of the week as a coaching session with a client on Wednesday night.

Wk12 wc 14/3 – 22M HR 160 / 180 cadence
Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: 7.5M coaching
Thu: 6.5M easy
Fri: Rest
Sat: 22M effort / 180 cadence / 159 HR
Sun: Rest


Even with my 4 test days, I averaged nearly 18,000 steps a day, 120k for the week. 🙂

My long run on Saturday was my 22 miler and I was tired on Sunday after it, but still managed an active rest day with around 13,000 steps in the sun. (And a wee sit and a read in the garden). Luckily I wasn’t sore, even after the effort I put in on Saturday on the long run, just tired.

This next week we’re going to be on leave for a bit of it. And I’m going to do a few runs to keep running and hopefully get an interval session in too.

Wk13 wc 21/3 – 13.1M fast finish (on holiday)
Mon: 5M Easy run
Tue: Rest (or gym)
Wed: Intervals
Thu: 6M Easy run
Fri: 4M Easy run (or rest)
Sat: Rest
Sun: 12-13M tempo

Long run on Sunday fingers crossed, but it’ll be a short long run – just 12-13 miles. And I’ll see if I can make it back to the gym / for a deadlift strength session early in the week.

5 weeks to go until the London marathon.

Here’s my remaining long run plans (bearing in mind I’m not tapering as much as I had a late start to my training due to flu etc):

Wk13 wc 21/3 – 13.1M fast finish (on holiday)
Wk14 wc 28/3 – 18M easy (wi Mike)
Wk15 wc 4/4 – 20M progressive
Wk16 wc 11/4 – 15M easy
Wk17 wc 18/4 – VLM 26.2M

Last thing – on our walk today in Bella park we saw this nice elephant. 🙂

I’m off to bed before the new week starts. Have a good week next week.

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