22 mile training for London

22 miles around Glasgow- thru 8 parks, and around 3 duck ponds. 🌲🌳🌲 I pushed it on this run, aiming for a cadence of 180 👣and a HR of around 160. ❤️

I split the run into more manageable sections:
– 5 miles 180 cadence,
– 5 miles 180 cadence,
– 2 miles recovery
– 5 miles 180 cadence, (rest for a breather)
– 5 miles 180 cadence, (hanging on in there.)

Caffeine gels at 3,8,12,17 miles and water throughout.

My avg HR ended up being 159 (86%), and it was hard at points, but I kept it going. I went off plan a bit at langslde road about 16-17 miles in… And forgot about the f%€k off big hill… and that pushed my max HR up to 170. Garmin training effect 4.3, so it was ok.

I added on bits where traffic wasn’t on my favour and i ran on along the road and crossed behind the cars, rather than waiting for the crossing.

The run started to get hard about 15-16 miles in, and I had to delve deep end tell myself ‘I can do it’, and ‘it is easy’ and I remembered my cape too.

Then it started to get hot and as I’d mentally split the run into chunks, at 5,10,12,17,22 miles, I decided I’d go in the shade and stop at 17 miles to roll my sleeves and capris up, take my cap off, and take a gel. I must wear my sun glasses and shorts from now on! Spring is here!

Just at that I met Louise, a runner I’m coaching. She’d just started out on her run and was looking fresh I thought. We had a wee chat, then she said I looked like is just run around the block – trust me, it didn’t feel like that! 😉

I met a 3 other people I knew on the run, Paul, Agnes and a runner I paced with (can’t remember your name sorry!).

I finished the run in the sun, and was greeted by this ball of fluff for some company. Stretches, water and a milkshake and I’m off for a shower, haircut and lunch.

I’m not sure if I really enjoyed that run – I like EASY and I like to take things in. That certainly wasn’t easy, but it certainly was challenging, physically and mentally. And it feels like a good achievement. I have a feeling I’ll be nicely sore after it too.

Now I need to decide if I’m going to train to run like that, and run like that for London, or take it easy, enjoy it and lap up all the atmosphere!

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