Be brave, be strong, believe you can

On Tuesday this week, I was at a rather sad but important occasion – the funeral service of a work colleague. I felt it was important for me to go, to pay my last respects her and to learn a little more about the lovely person I knew through work.

It was a really nice ceremony, a humanist ceremony, all about her and who she was, what she was like – and I was able to see some of the many people and lives she’d touched.

Without going into detail, she was young – at just 51. I’d known her for the last 2-3 years and she was really lovely each and every time I met with her or worked with her. I could also tell that she’d really made a mark on so many people’s lives.

She’d been unwell for quite a long time, but what came across from the service, and looking back on what I knew of her – she never let her illness get in the way if her doing what she wanted to do.

Sometimes you forget, or you don’t know what others are going through. And how they so bravely deal with the challenges they face. Sometimes illnesses are visible and we don’t tend to notice them as the people who have them manage them so well.

Sometimes they just get on with it, and see life for what it is – a gift.

Sometimes people can be so very impressive and make such an impact on so many people’s lives. This lady did that, and I was proud to have known her for the shirt time that I did.

A few themes came out of the day for me:

– be brave, be strong, believe you can.
– be social, have fun, and enjoy life.
– be nice to people.
– you only live once.
– be positive and live your dreams.
– grab your life with both hands.
– you really never know what others are going through.
– remember ‘perspective’.
– be grateful for what you have.
– do what you enjoy / love.
– don’t worry what others think of you.
– you can do anything you set your mind to.
– smile and laugh as much as you want.

– don’t take your health for granted, do what you can to be as healthy as you can be. 

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