Wk10 into Wk11

This last week has been good… I’ve run 4 days so far, and in doing my long run tomorrow, so it’ll be 5 runs this week and quite a bit of walking too. No strength training, but that’s ok.

After running Thursday, Friday, Saturday last week with snotters and a cold. I took a rest day on Sunday where we went a short walk on Irvine beach to clear the head. We were wrapped up well, but it was pretty chilly. Still, we got out and about into the fresh air and had a good time.

As the week went on, the sun seemed to shine more and on Monday I went out for a good walk at lunchtime with one of my friends. And thankfully my cold was on the way out and I was feeling much better.

My friend is making some changes with his life, and he’d ‘weighed in’ / ‘fat measurement’ with me in the morning and we took his measurements so he can track his body fat reduction, with all the effort he’s putting in trying to change what he’s doing. It’s nice to be able to help him and it looks like he’s on the right track.

Then on Monday night I did a first coaching session with a client, 4M easy running for me, and helping her to get comfortable running and get to know how to keep running and get to know her body, running and breathing. I ended up doing around 20k steps that day.

Here’s what I did the rest of the week:

Mon: 4M walk & 4M easy run coaching
Tue: Rest (to try to clear the cold)
Wed: 6.5M 180 cadence run / slight tempo
Thu: 5M easy run wi Twinnie
Fri: 4M easy run wi FG & 4M walking (& massage).
Sat: Rest (6M walking / 14k steps!)
Sun: 20M easy long run

I really feel like I’ve picked up my activity levels in the last week and I’m feeling good (and ready for my long run on Sunday). I’ve walked 15,000 steps on average, each day this week – over 107k this week.

Nearly 20 miles running in the last 6 days, about 12 miles walking and another 20 miles running tomorrow. 🙂 and I had a good back, shoulders and neck massage on Friday night. I’ve booked in for another massage on Thursday night as my back / shoulders need some work.

My runs are going well and I’m feeling good.

We had fun in town today – starting off with an early walk into town for a workshop at Business Gateway, then lunch out, coffees, some laughs and some shopping.

(Oh and some ice cream and a dodgy tiger head back pack – we just tried it on, don’t worry, we didn’t buy it!).

Now next week, after my 20 miler this weekend, here’s the plan:

Mon 14: Rest
Tue 15: Deadlift Strength
Wed 16: 6-7M running coaching
Thu 17: 8M easy run (& massage)
Fri 18: 5-6M cadence 180 / tempo run
Sat 19: Rest
Sun 20: 22M tempo & fast finish

As a reminder, here my long run plans:

Wk11 wc 7/3 – 20M easy (wi Lesley)
Wk12 wc 14/3 – 22M tempo & fast finish
Wk13 wc 21/3 – 13.1M fast finish (on holiday)
Wk14 wc 28/3 – 18M easy (wi Mike)
Wk15 wc 4/4 – 20M progressive
Wk16 wc 11/4 – 15M easy
Wk17 wc 18/4 – VLM 26.2M

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