Wk8 into Wk9

Last week I felt I was really getting somewhere with my training, with a good strong long tempo interval 18 mile run at the weekend. I felt great. 🙂

After the flu at the start of February, I was being careful to try to get my health back and feel better and building my running back up was going well. I’ve been running around 3-4 times a week, around 32 miles a week for the last 3 weeks. (Green above is activity).

Now for my VO2 Max as measured by my Garmin 620. (Put simply VO2 Max is how well you use oxygen, or I like to think it’s how fit and well I am).

This time last year it was 53.
When I ran the Belfast marathon in 2014, in 3:32 it was 55. At the start of this year it was 51.
Now it’s 48.

But then again… I have been struck down with a sh!tty annoying sniffy and sneezy cold since Thursday last week…so I shouldn’t really be expecting much. After the flu at the start of February, where I was in bed for 2 days, feeling like utter crap. This little watery eyes cold feels like a breeze, but it’s a bit annoying.

Start of the month again, and I’m wondering if my immune system is going down at the start of the month. Either way I’ll get over it.

I know (from my own experience) that running when I have a head cold is ok for me. It usually makes me feel better with the natural things that are released on a run, I’m just careful to take it easy.

Hopefully my vo2 Max / fitness will increase as the weeks go on.

So this week I did, I took it easy, plenty rest and enough running, about 32 miles this week (for being 7 weeks away from a marathon and having a cold):

Mon: 6.4M easy (with Rebecca)
Tue: Rest (5-6 mile walk)
Wed: Rest
Thu: 9M easy (wi Audrey)
Fri: 6M easy (wi Eileen)
Sat: 10M easy (wi FG)
Sun: Rest

I have to admit, I wasn’t up for my long run today. I’d planned 13 miles, then I tried to delay it to Sunday but Fit Girl made me go out and ‘see what happened’. We ended up doing 10 easy nice miles which was good.

Next week I have a coaching session on Monday night, and a 20 mile easy run next Sunday. Here’s the plan around that’d or next week:

Mon: 3-4M easy (with new client )
Tue: Rest
Wed: Deadlift Strength
Thu: 5M easy (or intervals)
Fri: 6M easy
Sat: Rest
Sun: 20M easy (wi Lesley)

Ive arranged a long run with a friend next weekend and another long run with another friend at the start of April. 🙂

Here’s my long runs so far…

wc 1/2 – 12M easy
wc 8/2 – 9M easy
wc 15/2 – 14M fast finish
wc 22/2 – 18M long 3M tempos x2
wc 29/2 – 10M easy (wi FG & cold)

I’ve increased my avg steps this last month too. Up to just over 13,000 a day. 🙂 it all feels more consistent and getting back to normal.

Here’s my long run plans ahead of London:

Wk11 wc 7/3 – 20M easy (wi Lesley)
Wk12 wc 14/3 – 22M tempo & fast finish
Wk13 wc 21/3 – 13.1M fast finish
Wk14 wc 28/3 – 18M easy (wi Mike)
Wk15 wc 4/4 – 20M progressive
Wk16 wc 11/4 – 15M easy
Wk17 wc 18/4 – VLM 26.2M

All on track for London, even though it’s been a it bumpy along the way. Fingers crossed the snot clears soon. 😉

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