How I avoided the DOMS

DOMS – or delayed onset muscle soreness. It can be a nightmare. I nearly always get it after strength training, and usual after long runs. Day 1 is usually ok, you know you’ve worked, day 2 is usually the smack in the face / body you were expecting.

However on Sunday after my long run, 18 long tempo miles, I was ok. And even into Monday and into today, I’m ok. I’m not sore! I’ve avoided the DOMS! 🙂

After long runs like the 18 miler I did on Sunday, (especially where I push it with my heart rate up for some of it) I usually get the following side effects:

– really tired for 1-2 days after.
– sore legs, and sometimes sore back or shoulders.
– hungry.
– dehydrated (sometimes).

Over the years I’ve learned to do certain things to help me recover, including sleep, what I eat and drink. It all work well together for this long run.

But this time everything I did seemed to work. There is something to say that if I’d have run slow / easy, perhaps I might not have been sore / had DOMS, but I pushed it a bit for at least 6 out of the 18 miles.

Here’s what I did to avoid DOMS after my long run:

– 10-11 hours sleep the night before.
– Porridge & coffee & water for breakfast.
– a later start, just before 11.
– 3 wiggle caffeine citrus energy gels on the run. 3,8,11 miles. – water in my water pack, throughout the run.

– after the run, quick stretch (squat)
– for goodness shakes chocolate milk with a few teaspoons of coffee in it / shaken up. – a banana (milkshake and banana quick energy source).
– water.
– shower, get ready, out for lunch.
– pizza (and chips!) and a Coke. (Carbs & sugar)
– water.
– green tea.
– a good 9 hour sleep that night.

Or maybe it was my magic slippers? (See pic above).

Here’s the pizza I had. Yum. The only part of me that was a little sore was my shoulders from tensing up a bit. 🙂

Some of my quick recovery will also be to do with the training I’ve been doing up to now. My body (and mind) are getting used to running long again.

This week I have 13.1 miles to do later in the week, maybe Friday morning. And I’m a withering as to whether I should do deadlift strength on Wednesday morning or not (DOMS!) but I might just do it and take it easy. Get some movement in, lighter weights / cross training.

Do you have any rituals you do to avoid DOMS? Share them with us.

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