Wk7 into Wks 8,9&10

After a January with less running and more strength, then 2-3 weeks off with the flu, I’ve finally managed to get out running a few times between 10-14th Feb.

(Orange is planned runs, green is actual runs, blue is steps where I achieved my daily goal, dashed blue is where I didn’t achieve my daily steps goal.)

2 weeks ago I did a 4.5 miler, then a 4 miler, and an easy 1 hour 10 run. Three runs in the week, taking it easy, being careful after having flu.

Then on Tuesday last week I did an easy 9 miler to see how I would find it. My avg HR was 151, and it felt OK. Avg lace 9:25 min miles. A good measure to see how my fitness improves.

This last week, I had 3 test days, Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. I did a coaching run on Thursday 3 miles in 35 minutes. I’ve got the London marathon at the end of April, and I’m not too worried about it as I still have plenty time to train for it (9 weeks from next week).

On Friday last week I did an easy 141 act HR run of 6.5 miles. Then in Saturday I managed to run 14 good miles comfortably, with a fast finish too. The London marathon training is back on. 🙂

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon 15: Rest
Tue 16: 9M Run
Wed 17: Rest (4M walk)
Thu 18: 3M Run (coaching)
Fri 19: 6.5M Run
Sat 20: 14M Long Run
Sun 21: Rest

Building back into it and it feels good. 

Today was a good rest day, I’m a little sore from yesterday, sore back, kind of sore legs – what can be expected after running 14 miles after a few weeks off. I’m ok though and ready for next week.

I spent the day sorting through my granny’s things, photos, papers, documents. It was quite refreshing and I’ve set myself a goal of cataloging it all.

This is a photo of my granny when she was about 2-3, with her Mum, Margaret Sutherland.

I realised today that her Dad, my great Grandad Arthur Sutherland passed away in 1922, when my Granny was just 6.

They lived in Edinburgh, and I found the address of the flat they lived in: 55 Restrilrig Road, EH6 8BL. I’m making it my job to catalogue everything that I have. 🙂 boxes and boxes of it, into albums and folders.

Anyway, back to my training …

So it’s back on, and next week I’m going to get strength back in once a week next week. Along with a 4 runs including one coaching session and an 18 miler next weekend.

I have a loose training plan, which will include 3-4 runs a week, 2 rest days and a strength day in a week.

Here’s the plan for the next three weeks:

Mon 22: Squat Strength
Tue 23: 7M Run
Wed 24: Rest (4M walk)
Thu 25: 9M Run (coaching)
Fri 26: 4M Run Intervals
Sat 27: Rest

Sun 28: 18M Long Run

Mon 29: Rest
Tue 1: 4M intervals
Wed 2: Deadlift Strength
Thu 3: 9M Run (coaching)
Fri 4: 13.1M Long Run
Sat 5: Rest
Sun 6: Rest

Mon 7: 7M Run
Tue 8: Squat Strength
Wed 9: Rest
Thu 10: 9M Run (coaching)
Fri 11: 4M Run Intervals
Sat 12: Rest
Sun 13: 18M Long Run

As for my strength training, this is where I left off at the end of January, and here’s where I’ll start off tomorrow morning (Monday 22 Feb):

Home Squat Strength
Mobility Warm up
– Plank 4x30s
– Romanian deadlift to row, 4×10, 26kg
– Squat, 8/6/4/8/6/4/8, 26,31,36kg
– Reverse Lunge, 6×10, 26kg
– Shoulder press, 3×10, 18kg
– High pull, 3×10, 24kg
10 squats 10kg, 10 press ups, 10kg sledgehammers, 30 sec planks. x3

Gym Deadlift Strength
– Gym ball roll out 4×10
– Squat to press 4×10 2x8kg
– Deadlift 8/6/4/8/6/4/8 25/30/35kg
– Bench press 3×10 2x12kg
– Single arm row 6×10 16kg
– Lat Pull Down 3×10 27-32kg
– Step up 6×10 15kg
3×10 each – Press ups, Sledgehammer 10kg, Box Jumps

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