Today was a good day

Today was a good day – I hardly did any work … but I really feel like I made a difference – a very rewarding day.

Pancakes for breakfast… then… I went to work…but I hardly did any real work all day… (It’s ok though, I did good).

I’d set up a morning to take 8 X 15-16 year old kids and 2 teachers on a tour around my work. I took them into BBC Scotland and showed them Studio A, where the 15 to one set was being set up, the studio, gantry and gallery. And I got a BBC electrician to explain it all to them.

Into studio C, the Rep Scot, where a Director explained it all to them, then we went along to the Weather team and they met Judith Ralston, the weather presenter. And I talked them through the different job times we have at BBC Scotland and how they get could potentially get in to work there.

They went into the Radio Drama Studio where someone showed them around, and I got them to meet three BBC Scotland Apprentices (past and present) to show then how they could get in, and give them more examples of people who work in the same building as me. It was a good morning. 🙂

Then I got my running gear on and went on a 4 mile run with my work Twinnie. Up to Kelvingrove and back. Avg HR 147, cadence 180. It all felt good and it was a nice day for it.

My third run of the week, and in feeling ok on it. I still have a bit of a cough, but I’m maybe back to 90% health. Hopefully one more week of taking really good care of myself, and I’ll be back to my ‘normal’ spritely self. 😉

After my run at lunchtime, I went back and showered. I went back to my desk and had my lunch, ready to get on with my day.

Just after I finished my lunch I got called upon for my as yet unused first aid training I’d done in April last year. I was a little daunted, but I knew I’d be ok with it.

Someone had taken a funny turn, perhaps a fainting episode in work and the person who had been with her was looking for help.

So I helped, I was calm and controlled and helpful. And after a while, taking time to get her well, we managed to get her back on her feet and checked out / ambulance etc.

I seemed to help those who needed me anyway I think. They were all very grateful anyway. I really feel like I helped and made a difference across both ‘events’ at work today. 🙂

After work I took Fit Girl to Little Italy in the West End and I had a tasty 10 inch chicken, peppers and onion pizza. (Jasper got a bit too). 😉

Then… I went home and booked my train tickets to London for the London marathon at the end of April! Eeeeeek!

Better get some long run training in! (and if better got on with my real work on Monday!) 🙂

Here’s my training plan Incase I forget!

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