London Marathon training plan

Nearly a full two (very sensible) weeks off running due to a the flu or a viral infection, or whatever it was, and today was my first run since two Thursdays ago. And even then, I’d only did 37 miles in January, with just one long run (12 miles).

I haven’t actually minded taking time out now in February as I know it’s what I need.

A lot of coughs, a few days in bed (with the sweats), lack of appetite, nausea and a lot of days recovery… and I’m finally feeling about 80-90% well. It’s not been much fun. Almost back to being Super Lorn. 😉

January had been a good month for me strength training (1-3 times a week) but even that went out the window in the last two weeks.

My weight dropped a bit too, but my body fat seemed to go up a bit. All good so that I’m carrying less weight to run with, although it’ll probably balance back out when I start training again.

I noticed a few things when I was ill – I didn’t seem to be hungry. Partly to do with not exercising (probably) and partly to do with not being well. I definitely wasn’t eating as much, and I wasn’t hungry either. It was odd, but ok.

Now, remembering I have the London Marathon at the end of April, time is ticking for me to get my training in. I usually do a 10-12 week training plan for a marathon, so if I get better now, it’ll be just in time to get a good training base and block in before the event on the 24th April.

So here’s the plan:

– Long run at the weekend, rest day Monday.
– Strength day Wednesday.
– Other Run days Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
– Minimum 3 runs a week.
– 1-2 rest days.

The biggest thing will be getting into a hanky of running, 3-4 times a week including twice at the weekend.

I went for a run this morning, 7am with my work twin, running along the Clyde as the sun came up. It was very pretty almost ideal (apart from a bit of ice). Good low avg HR 140, although the pace was slow (which I’m fine with!).

I felt fine in the run, nice and easy, no coughing. A bit of coughing after it, but I felt find the rest of the day. (Although some nice colleagues told me I looked ‘tired’ so that’s something to think about, as I probably was… 2 weeks off running training can do that to you when you get back into it!)

I doubled my steps goal for the first time in a while. Today was a nice wee flat route along the Clyde. Thursday / tomorrow, I’m going to head out for a run again. Maybe between an hour to and hour 15, see how I get on. Friday strength, Sunday long run (8 miles ish).

Up to the end of February, it’ll all be about me easing myself into getting back to health and fitness, before building up the miles in March and April. Fingers crossed I can get marathon ready in that time.

Last thing is that my VO2 Max is currently 49, and i’d like to see that going up as high as possible (it was 55 when I did the Belfast marathon), so that’ll be a good thing to measure and hopefully improve. 🙂

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