Look what I did!

I clearly remember from when I was little, doing something on the computer that I was proud of (usually a drawing in Photoshop or something), and running through to my Dad and saying – ‘Look Dad, come and see what I did!!!)
And I’d drag him through to see my masterpiece or whatever it was.

I’d usually get praise and told it was good… and it’d make me feel good and happy. I was the youngest of five, so I guess I learned to shout loud to get heard.

(It didn’t work when I wiped arkenoid off the computer though, oops).

Or one day, so I’m told, when I was about 4 or 5, I came in and asked my Dad to help me with my bike.

He said ‘is it time we took off your stabilisers?’ 

And I looked at him strangely and said ‘No, it’s ok, I’ve already done that!’

He went out to the garage and true enough, I’d taken my own stabilisers off, all on my own. 

Ready for an adventure, but I needed his help.

I realise now that the praise I got probably helped me be the strong and confident (and happy) person I am today (along with a few other things).

Now I’m work, a lot of the time, I get people coming to me. They know I’m ‘active’ or ‘fit’ or ‘healthy’ (maybe not so much just now, cough cough). 

And they tell me what they’re up to with their health. The changes their making to become more Super!

People telling me – Look what I did! Or Look what I’m doing!

Things like:
– I’ve started eating better.
– I’m going out walking more.
– I’m not eating chocolate anymore.
– I’m doing Zumba.
– I’ve started cycling and feel great.
– I’ve joined the gym.
– I’ve started counting my steps, I did 30,000 the other day! – I’m swimming every weekday.
– I’ve started eating nuts as snacks.
– I got myself one of those water bottles and I’m drinking more water each day. – I’ve entered a 10k! (what the hell do I do!?)
– I’ve started exercising more, (now I’m injured. What do I do?)

People are telling me all these life changing things they’re doing. And I’m impressed, I truly am impressed.

Sometimes, like on the last two, I offer advice if they ask, but most of the time I’m just plain impressed and give them a pat on the back (praise) and hopefully some motivation to help them keep going with the change.

It’s what I’ve been doing since I decided I needed to change things way back in 2008 – changing things, changing habits bit by bit, to become healthier.

So anyone that comes to me and tells me what they’ve been up to, keep coming to me, because it makes me feel great hat you’re making changes to become healthier, to become a better version of you.

And if you want to change something and come up and tell me (or post it on my Facebook page, or message me or email me), do. You know I might just be very impressed. 🙂

Keep shouting out – ‘Look what I did, look what I did!!! (And keep doing it). 🙂

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