Wk3 into Wk4

Week 3 I was ticking along nicely, increasing my activity, but still getting plenty rest. 3 base runs (including my long run on Sunday), 2 strength sessions and 2 rest days.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5M lunchtime run
Wed: KB strength
Thu: 4M easy (coaching)
Fri: Rest
Sat: Deadlift strength
Sun: 12M long run

I’ve didn’t manage one of the two interval runs in my plan, but I’m ok with that. It’s early days and after a lower activity end to the year, and my calf strain, I’m wanting to just be consistent right now and get my runs and strength (and rest!) in.

Sunday I did my first long run of my marathon training, 12 miles with Lesley, Hazel and Peppa the dog. The weather was ideal, 12’C a little damp but not raining. And I felt good until the last mile or so when my hips started to niggle a bit. It’s the longest I’ve done since end December, so no wonder.

12 miles through 4 parks. I didn’t take a eater pack, but I had a good breakfast and plenty water before it. Then guzzled more water after it. I was a little worried that the deadlift strength session I did on Saturday would affect me on my long run, but I was ok.

A bit of tenderness in my back. And one to think about the more I get into my marathon training, to cut back my strength to just once a week mid week so I’m not sore for my long long runs.

The stats were good today, avg HR nice and comfy at 151, Garmin training effect a bit high at 4.9, but that’ll just remind me to definitely take a rest day on Monday. Cadence was good too although I’d like to get it up to 180.

My vo2 Max has dropped with the reduction in training. Down to 49, which is still good but hopefully once I settle back into run training that’ll increase to mid 50s.

Next week, I’m helping at work at Celtic Connections at the CCA Tuesday and Wednesday, so I can imagine it’ll be two long days. So I’ll see how it goes, I’ll try to get a workout in before I go to work, but illustrate take it as it comes. I’m maybe going to go away at the weekend so I might do my long run before work on Friday (or on Sunday).

Here’s the plan:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 45 min intervals (3×8:2)
Wed: Squat Strength
Thu: 45 min Fartlek (or easy)
Fri: 15 miles long run (2:15)
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest (or 45 mins intervals).

We’ll see how it goes. I might go away next weekend, hence the change to have potential rest days Saturday Sunday. It feels good to be getting into marathon training, and I just need to try and get the strength training mixed in with running successfully.

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