January revised plan

I’ll let you into little secret… (and my work Twinnie might batter me for this)…

On Thursday, on our run, my calf was sore (again). But I didn’t mention it… I said to myself I’ll take Fri, Sat, Sunday off running and hopefully it’ll be ok.

Well it’s not. :-/ I tried a run this morning and right away it was sore, like I’ve strained my calf. I ran for 6 minutes around the block, then decided it wasn’t worth risking an even worse injury.

So as I do with any injury, I just need to mix things up a bit and focus on something other than running (or weight bearing). (I posted this morning’s blog / plan last night before I ran.)

For more info on ‘how to deal with injury constructively’, go here: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2013/02/19/how-to-deal-with-injury-constructively/

So here it is, this week’s revised training plan, including a couple of strength sessions and some (swim) cardio to replace my runs.

I’ll probably do a long spin session on Saturday morning too:

Mon: Warm up run, 2 x strength challenge
Tue: Deadlift Strength
Wed: 50-55 min easy swim
Thu: 40 mins Interval swimming
Fri: 50-55 min swim incl intervals
Sat: 25 min KB strength / maybe spin
Sun: Rest

So much for a 16 week marathon training plan – if I have any hope of getting rid of this injury, I need to not run. And I’ll maybe see about getting a sports massage next week, see if that helps.

I’ll see how I am week by week and add running back in when it’s better.

(I’m still doing my 30 day strength challenge,
Day 8 on Sunday – 80 Squats, 45 sec plank, 10 press ups, 45 sec plank. Day 9 today – 100 squats, 60 sec plank, 10 press ups, 60 sec plank. )

Better get my swimming stuff looked out!

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