My 2015 in pictures

Recently I emailed some friends of ours a summary of what we’d be3 Janen up to in 2015, and he replied with this, which I quite liked…

So many adventures……when do manage to fit in the boring realities of most peoples lives?   Keep doing things…..anything you don’t do doesn’t happen…

So true… 🙂 and it turns out we did quite a lot.  🙂

At the start of the year I gave myself the challenge of taking a photo a day, and it was all going well until we went away on holiday in May, and I stopped it on holiday and after that. Oops. I did however take lots of photos in 2015… and I thought I’d share some of them with you to tell my story of 2015 (sorry it’s a bit late… it appears I needed to take some time out in December!).

January I spent some time with family, set my goals for 2015 and entered the Loch Ness Marathon. And I took this nice picture of the Clyde which I love – my favourite pic of 2015.  I started training for the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon with Fit Girl – which would be her first half marathon.

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February – I spent time with family and friends, and I did a piece to camera for BBC Get Inspired – I said people should get ‘Happy, Healthy and Fit’ (Janice did her bit too which I liked).  I continued training for the Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon with Fit Girl. And I got back to strength training for a bit.

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March – We did the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon, her training did her well and she worked out how to run without knee pain (spin sessions to strengthen her legs). We had a trip to the beach, I did some more strength and a swim, and I was lucky enough to do cliff jumping and river tubing for my good friend’s Hen day /night (where I took a funny / low BP turn with the cold – a few mars bars and a nap sorted me out)….

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April   I did one of my long runs with my brother Ewen – he really took to running lots last year and ran about 1,700 miles – quite a feat up in the windy wet north that is Wick… I like running with him :-).  I spent some time in the garden (painting the decking) we went some walks in the park (Kelvingrove in the picture), and I did a few long runs, before our holiday in May.

I also got my new Garmin Vivoactive which was the start of steps counting and smart messages and calls from my phone to my watch (I love it),  After April – strength training seemed to tail off as I didn’t do it in May, then didn’t pick it up again alongside my marathon training up to September.

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May – a bit of kite flying and a walk up at Milngavie… the general election – impressive scenes at work, and a funny picture of Maggie Simpson.  Then we were glad to get away from it all – we went to Las Vegas for a week – did a sky dive (never again!) and went to the Grand Canyon for Fit Girl’s 40th (my first time in a helicopter too).  We ate lots and had fun, and went onto Vancouver, Candida for another week. Stunning city!

Then we came back to my friend’s wedding at Edinburgh Castle at the end of May – me in a dress and heels once more (! after my bridesmaid duties for my other good friend the September before).

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June and it was back to work and I started back running (after not much running in May)… this time I was in training for the Thunder Run 24 at the end of July, and then prep for the Loch Ness Marathon.  I spent time with my Dad, visiting him and his wife up in Stonehaven, i went a run there (and nearly got lost again)…. and started doing big long runs with Fit Girl ahead of Loch Ness.  Running was a bit tough after the holiday – and my vo2 Max dropped from the usual 52 to about 49.

June is also my birthday (21st) where I got lots of nice presents and cards and had a day out in Aberfoyle (where I had ice cream and dropped an elephant in memory of my Granny).  Last thing was starting work on the front garden. 🙂

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July – My Dad came to my work and I gave him a tour of the BBC.  He loved it and I liked seeing him in the Reporting Scotland studio doing his bit.  He was well impressed and I was proud to show him around.  In July i got a bird house for my back garden. I spent some more time with good friends – and a little cute dinosaur gave me some flowers.

And we got a new kitchen – the less said about that the better, but if you want to know who not to go to for a new kitchen – ask me (and I’ll tell you!)  It’s all sorted and lovely now at last.  Whilst the kitchen drama was happening, I gallivanted off to to the Thunder Run 24 to finish off July – I did 4 laps this time, 24 miles in 24 hours – in our team of 8.  Good fun, great team, but I don’t think we’ll be doing it again. Been there done it, twice. 🙂

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August – I was lucky enough to help out at the Edinburgh Festivals as a Runner at my work.  For the Radio Scotland Teams – the Kaye Adam’s programme and the Janice Forsyth Show.  It was interesting to see what goes on and to help the Production teams.  My running continued, more long runs with Fit Girl in preparation for the Loch Ness Marathon.  A few good ones, one really really bad one.

Then we went to Jersey for a long weekend… sunshine, ice cream, walks and the Jersey War tunnels, where I got my picture taken with the Queen etc.  😉  Oh and somewhere between June and August I finished off the front garden area – just in time for the leaves to fall all over it (so we’d have to clear them up).  🙂

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September – I did a good Mental Health First Aid training course in work… and dropped an elephant in Queens Park to mark my Granny’s 100th birthday.  (My friend Sally as made it for me)… I got some Vibram 5 finger shoes and did some walking in them… and I flew my kite again. I also started my ‘Introduction to Counselling’ evening course at City of Glasgow College which was good.

We continued our marathon training and took some time out from it one weekend to go to our first gay wedding – we joined our good neighbours Paul & Craig for their special day. In a dress again, I was actually enjoying wearing heels this time(!) Then it was the Loch Ness Marathon at the end of the month where Fit Girl achieved her goal of her first marathon in sub 4 (3:57:57) I was well impressed with her and loved the event.

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October – a week after Loch Ness, I paced 2:20 at the Great Scottish Run half marathon (and Fit Girl did a good PB on the course that day too!) We both had a good day at it.  Then as the month went on I continued my training this time for the Southside 6 at the start of November.  Another swim, I did maybe 3 all year I think… and I got some nice new pairs of boots (x2) and skinny trousers (x7).  I spent some more time with family – colouring in, ice cream at the Brooklyn Cafe, and a few parks.   And I made my first portion of baked porridge – yum.  I also wrote and posted Everything is Awesome? which quite a few people liked.  🙂

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November – started off well with the Southside 6 and helping pace a guy called Mark to do a good PB at a 10k event in Bellahouston Park.

Then a big double rainbow in the middle of November across from my desk in work, signalled the start of a  bit of a bumpy roller coaster time for me.  I found out my Mum had passed away and I had to take some time out to set up the funeral and do what I needed to do.  Rainbows kept popping up at just the right time, or people would send me them.  And I pleasantly came across many family photos and other things which made me smile.

I did what I thought was right – and I was careful to take some time out too – and spent some time with friends and family where I could. My Granny was in my thoughts too, and I was keen to make her proud where I could (like I told her I would, the day of her funeral) – no matter how hard it was for me at the time, I’d do what I needed to do.

I did some good runs when I could – 17 miles the day after she passed away was good therapy for me.  I was fortunate to have 4 weeks off work, and I needed every day of it to make everything happen that needed to. I got great strength from others kindness and words, and I got through it ok, as I knew I would.  Thanks to everyone who was there for me – you know who you are. 🙂

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December – was all a bit of a blur to be honest. Continuing what I’d started, spending time with family.  We spent some time clearing my Mum’s house – where I strangely came across a christmas  present addressed to me (it had been there since around 2007 I think – it was tucked away in a closed off cupboard – a luxury Christmas cake with a use by date of 2007)… A trip up to Inverness and Wick… a run with my two brothers in hellish Wick weather (where I too a whitey after it from low BP / blood sugar / being cold lol)… the weather wasn’t the best – snow up there on the road up.

We came across the elephant that started my whole ‘drop an elephant in memory of my Granny’, and he’s now safely living in my living room. My Grandad took it back from India in the war for my Granny and I always remembered her telling me the story about it (read more here).  I came across more photos from my childhood and other bits and pieces.  A few more rainbows and it was time to go back to work and make sure I was ready for Christmas too.

A wee festive dinner with my work colleagues on the 18th of December, and in the evening Fit Girl and I went to see Texas in the Hydro which was good,  And I treated myself to a new car (and sold my own one) at the end of the year 🙂 (about time after 9 years with this one).

Then there was the challenge I’d set myself – do run 2015km in 2015.  I did it, just, having to cram 38 miles into the last 4 days of the year (after putting it off and putting it off over Christmas!)  Of course there was Christmas and the tail end of the year, and we’re quite a bit into January 2016 already!

I’m back to work and I’m reminded how much I love my job. 🙂 (And I have potentially 2-3 clients for the start of the year for coaching too).

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There we have it – my 2015 in pictures.  🙂

I have some plans in 2016, but I haven’t properly confirmed them.

London Marathon in April for sure, and probably Loch Ness Marathon in September again.  Maybe a half or two at other times.  A holiday probably and some more time with those I’m close to.  This years mottos will be – YOLO – you only live once, and STWTYL – Spend time with those you love (that last one doesn’t have such a good ring to it, but you know what I mean).

Right now I’m just wanting to try to get back to normal and take it as it comes. More adventures and good times fingers crossed – roll on 2016. 🙂

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