My VLM 2016 Marathon Training Plan

Here’s my marathon training plan for Spring 2016, to get me to train for the Virgin London marathon at the end of April.

I usually set up my own training plans for marathons, and run a standard 3-4 runs a week. The runs tend to be the same too, steady or easy pace with the odd fast finish in there. I don’t tend to do intervals (as I don’t like them!!! Eeek!).

But this time I’ve decided I’ll use a Garmin training plan, which includes long runs, intervals, fartlek runs, recovery and easy runs. It’s a 16 week plan, and all based on heart rate too, which I like.

I’ve gone into the calendar on Garmin and selected the training plan to finish the day of the marathon. So it starts on Tuesday 5th January (I’ll start when my calf is ready).

The good thing about the Garmin plan is that you can amend it in Garmin.

I’ve made Wednesdays my strength day, Monday my rest day (after long run Sunday), and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday my main run days. Fridays will more than likely be a rest day, maybe a recovery run day – but knowing me, it’ll be a rest day.

Mon: Rest
Tue: Run
Wed: Strength
Thu: Run
Fri: Rest or run
Sat: Fartlek / Interval run (optional short strength)
Sun: Long run

And now that I’ve amended it ready to go, I can export it to my calendar on my phone. So I can easily see my plan either on my Garmin app, or get reminders and view it on my iPhone calendar.

My planned January’s dates and workouts can be seen here: (you use this to export the calendar to your phone).

Here are the heart rate zones I plan to run in also (mainly in zone 3):

It’s all very clever, how everything talks to each other, no excel spreadsheets, just my phone with my Garmin app and my calendar (if I want it – you could do it all via Garmin connect if you wanted).

Strength on Wednesdays will be a full body workout, low weights to start out, to get me used to it (and not too sore). The 30 day challenge I’m doing which I’ll do alongside it, should get me moving and a bit stronger too. 🙂

Oh and my goal for the marathon? – Is to enjoy it and take it all (London) in. Time won’t matter, I’ll just do what I do. And if I get a great time, I do (or not). The time will be a result of my training and my effort (no pressure).

My vo2 Max (shown on my Garmin 620) is 52 just now, so I’m hoping that goes up in the next few months (along with my fitness).

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