Family treasures

On Tuesday I dropped my Mum’s car off with my uncle, and in return he gave me a case full of photos and documents from my Granny and Grandad’s and my Aunt Sheila’s lives.


I feel very lucky to be in possession of such important treasures from their lives. I remember going through some of the photos with my granny when I was young and she said they were important to her.

Here are some of the pretty special things from my uncle / from my Granny’s house…

A case full of photos … Documents (driving license, passports, photos from the war, birth and death certificates, mortgage papers…)

… My Granny chasing some cows from her garden…


Me and my dad in 1986… What a poser I was…


My mum and her mum…


I even got my Grandad’s signs for his GP surgery from London.   

My granny and Granddad’s engagement notice … (He was in the army as a Dr in India in the 2nd World War).

They married on 4th October 1939, then he went to war, and he sent her these telegrams in 41 and 42:

I’m not sure when these photos were from… But it’s my grandad and granny (my Mum’s parents, John Corbet Fletcher and Margaret Mackenzie Sutherland.
Wedding and graduation photos of my parents, wedding photos from my aunts wedding.

An invitation to the Holyrood house garden party in 1974 for my Granny and Grandad. The Queen might have been lucky enough to meet them!

My Grandad’s signs from his surgery…
Character references for my granny and grandad from the 30s. Speaking of my Granny…

> ‘She has an excellent shorthand writer and accurate typist, is intelligent, conscientious and trustworthy, and had always carried out her duties to our entire satisfaction. Miss Sutherland has an attractive and pleasant disposition.’

A nice photo of a rainbow from my Granny’s house in Lochaline.
Along with lots and lots of nice photos. Old, and very very old photos. There’s plenty more, but I’ll stop there.

I’m very lucky. I must collate them properly and spend some time cataloging them all.

(Looks like the photos didn’t upload first time). 

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