New for 2016…

I’m going to do a few posts summarising how my 2015 went, numbers and pictures – but here’s a glimpse of some of my new things for 2016:

At the end of last week we were lucky enough to get a package of goodies from my American friend Kim (and her dog Scout). 3 tops, 2 big bags of peanut butter m and ms and some socks. The tops are very comfy.

Fit girl is having the black one and I’m having the blue one (and the white t).

I needed a new compression top after my trusty Nike one has seen better days, so I got this Craft one from wiggle with some vouchers my nice brother Ross got me for Christmas.

This was another present, this time from Fit Girl’s mum. At just £30 from sports shoes .com it was a steal.

Saucony sonic vizi jacket with a Usb rechargeable power lighting system. Perfect for running in the dark and cold.

Fit Girl got me this nice warm Rab jacket for my Christmas (lucky me).

She also got me my withings BP monitor which I’ve been using regularly.

And new black Mizuno wave inspires, means my red ones will retire. They’re going to help get me through my winter / spring marathon training ahead of the London Marathon.

And I got myself some pink ones just to be sure…I like to alternate my runners.

And last but not least, these warm comfy slippers from Fat Face. Reduced in the sale, they are brilliant. I feel like I have teddy bears on my feet!

I have my new car too (which I won’t bore you with), a couple new hats for every day use, and a nice new pair of pjs from my work twinnie.

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