What will you change?

It’s that time of year again, when you maybe have some time to look at what’s gone by, and what can maybe be in your future. New year, a time to reflect on the year just gone, and set some goals for the year to come.

Maybe you’ll decide that you’ll want to make some changes in your life to improve it. Maybe you’ve already made some changes or improvements in the last year or more, and you think it’s time to change some more to be the best you can be?

Here are my top 15 things people can change or give up, to help improve themselves (most of them I’ve changed, given up or focused on to improve my life) – in no particular order, after the first three:

1. Smoking – get rid
2. Eating – eat well
3. Activity – be active, set goals
4. Drinking (water)
5. Alcohol – get rid or limit
6. Fizzy juice – get rid
7. Sleep – get more
8. Social – get more
9. Fun – get more
10. Money / earnings – get more / save more / spend more(?)
11. Career – get on & do what you love
12. Home – settle down & make a home
13. Mindset – positive & strong
14. Motivation – get more
15. Health – improve it

Some of them are health related, some money or people related. Most of them are interlinked. All of them rely on you setting some goals and making some changes to become a better version of you.

Maybe you don’t need to give them up (with the exception of smoking, give that up if you do it please)… maybe you just need to change a bit or make better choices around them, make better habits.

Pick one a month to change, form a habit, improve your life and stay changed. Bit by bit you’ll change your life – and if you stick with those changes, you could change and improve your life forever. Or pick three and change them, then once they’re in place pick another three and change them. Do what works for you. What are you waiting for?

What will you change in 2016 to be the person you want to become? – the best version of you?

(I’m sure I’ll share mine soon.)

If you’re after more inspiration or further reading, try these:




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