Merry Christmas!

I’ve been lucky today… I hope you’re having a nice day too.
 I got lots of presents:
– Trainers
– a nespresso coffee maker
– a withings wireless blood pressure monitor
– a rab jacket
– some tops
– pyjamas
– 18 mars bars and 22 snickers!
– jeans
– a lunch bag
– a massage
– photos of the kids
– £50 restaurant gift card
– £30 voucher for wiggle
– £150 next gift cards (towards a new kitchen table maybe?)
– a MacBook!

My BP is 100/60 today, 50 resting.
And I bought myself a car, about time too. A Toyota Yaris Icon+.
Oh and my present from my Mum?

It was a Christmas cake… Best before date… 2007! Oops.

Henry the cat has been in visiting as his owner has gone away for Christmas we think.

He likes boxes (but he might be too big for my shoe box).

Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂 we’re having beef for dinner (minus the 8-9 year old Christmas cake). Yum.

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