2015km – I’m going to do it

I failed today. I was going to run this morning, but I woke at 3am and was up for an hour or so and just got 5 hours sleep. Urgh. I used it as an excuse to roll over and get some more sleep (instead of getting up to run) – I got 7 hours sleep in total I think.

After a few days rest at the weekend, I did a good run on Monday morning but when I woke on Tuesday morning with 10 miles on the plan (after Janice nominated me to do that distance) – it was nasty, horizontal rain and 40-45mph winds. The break in my sleep and the rain and howling gale was enough to make me lie in until 730am, and give the run a miss.

I said to myself I’d do it tonight, but I by 4pm I knew I just couldn’t muster it up. Tomorrow morning it is!

I have 38 miles to do by the end of the year, here’s my plan:

T 22: Rest
W 23: 10 miles
T 24: 6 miles
F 25: Rest
S 26: Rest
S 27: 6 miles
M 28: 4 miles
T 29: Rest / Travel
W 30: 14 miles
T 31: Rest (or run if I fancy rounding it up!).

That’ll be 40 miles if it all goes to plan. Rests on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and the 29th when I’m planning to travel to my uncles / Kinlochleven to drop off my Mym’s car to him (and visit him).

2015km in 2015… (1252 miles)… I’m going to do it!

After it, I’ll be starting my 16 week training plan for the London Marathon – starting on 4th January. 🙂 more about that soon.

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