Very nearly ready for Christmas!

It was a bit touch and go there as to whether I’d be able to get ready for Christmas – but today I managed to wrap my last present! And I’ve sent all of my other presents that need to be sent. Phew.

I had my work meal out yesterday, and treated Fit Girl to an early Christmas present of VIP Tickets to the Texas 25th anniversary concert last night. All in all it was a really good day and night, good fun all round.

Here’s our tree with all of our presents under it. It’s finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas – I never thought it would for a bit there!! (Oh and I have my Christmas jumper and scarf on too). 

Here’s a wee present I got myself (9 years after buying my current car) – I decided it was time to get a new car, and I found this beauty.

All going well, I pick it up on Monday. Eeeek. Merry Christmas to me. 😛

A 14 plate Toyota Yaris Icon+, with an ‘appearance pack’ on it which makes it look a bit different to most of the other Yaris’ out there – with a full glass ‘floating’ roof etc. It’s only done 5000 miles and is a year and a half old, with all the mod cons, so right up my street.

We’ve got our dodgy Christmas cushions out and all of our Christmas soft toys… There appear to be a lot of them for some reason.

And we added a few more to the collection this year… Rudolf and Santa and the star. All we need to make Christmas complete is the food which we’ll get next week.

Back to work this week and I managed to run on each day, 5 miles Wednesday lunchtime, 4 miles Thursday lunchtime and 6 miles Friday morning. I’ll hopefully get another run in Sunday morning too.

Next week, I’ll run every day I’m working, then see how I go on other days. Christmas Day I don’t tend to run, but go for a nice walk instead usually.

Now I thought I’d let you know about something I found in my Mum’s house when we were clearing it out. In a closed cupboard that looked like it had been inaccessible for years, maybe 5-10 years, we found this:

My last ever Christmas present from my mum.

Usually if I got presents from my mum in the past, I would open them there and then or get rid of them (long story, but she usually caused me more upset than happiness in my life) … but with this last one I thought it best to leave it for me to open on Christmas day.

It’ll either be something really good, really bad, or really happy or really sad. I’m sure it’s a bit of a gamble, but I’m up for it.

I wonder what it’ll be??!

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