Running, sleep, weight & BP

November into December has been kind of sparse in running for me, but when I have got out running, I’ve enjoyed it.

I’ve travelled quite a bit, to Larkhall (a lot), to Inverness and Wick, and other things have got in the way of it. But it’s ok, and I was back to it and enjoying it at the start of this week.

This last week, 5 miles on Monday, 9 on Tuesday and 7 on Wednesday.

Running really feels like a medicine to me, like it helps me feel really good. Helps me sort my thoughts out, sets me up for the day. I had planned to run this weekend, but it’s a bit icy, and I’ll probably just do a walk with my friends dogs instead today.

I ran just over 100 miles in November, and have done just over 30 in December. 
Here are my steps for the last month (nearly 10k a day, despite all those days I didn’t run):

Last week was pretty active anyway, clearing a house, plenty steps and some running too.

My sleep has been stupid in the last month or so, waking after 3-5 hours of sleep, my body and mind telling me I’ve had enough sleep.

On average in a week it was:
6:56 hours
6:33 hours
8:12 hours
And then into this week 8:58, so much better.

I find that if I don’t sleep well, everything else seems to unravel, so I’m glad I’ve got it sorted after a few bumpy weeks.

The other thing that last last month’s life event has affected is my weight.

I’m not too concerned about it as my weight had gone up through the year, so it might now be back down to what it was last year, but it’s interesting to see how something like this has affected it. (Need to take care of myself a bit more!)

Down about half a stone (but still a bit heavier than the 124-126lbs that I’d like to be). I’m not too bothered about that number though – as long as I’m doing ok with sleep, eating and exercise etc.

Oh, and one last thing, my damn BP is down again, 95/55 the other day, which is a bit annoying. A few dizzy spells followed. I just need to make sure I’m eating and drinking plenty, and keep an eye on it.

Next week I’m off Monday Tuesday, then back to work from Wednesday, so I’m planning:

Mon: 5 miles (and strength?)
Tue: 10-12 miles
Wed: 4 miles
Thu: Rest (or strength)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 8 miles
Sun: 3 miles or rest

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