She would be Lorn

I came across some more things tonight, namely a story which describes a part of my life (and my family’s life) from a time I don’t remember, up to 1986. The life and times of a family before I remember it.

This is a part I liked:

> Lorn was born on midsummers day 1980. After the hiccough two years before this was definitely a boy and would be called Lorn. Although we had thought of calling it Quits. This time there was only delight when another girl arrived. Now we had name problems. Not wanting to call her Lorne. We concluded that a child’s name was their own, regardless of convention. Lorne Green was on television and his spelling convinced me that she would be Lorn.

The ‘hiccough’ above was my sister, the first girl after three boys – a surprise that apparently left my mum speechless for an hour after my sisters birth.

It’s getting easier day by day. 🙂

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