People are great

Do you know what? – People are great.
These last two to three weeks I’ve been overwhelmed by the support, words and things people have done to help me and let me know they’re there for me.

I never realised how much a few words and a card, or on Facebook, would help me to be so strong. People coming out of everywhere, lots and lots, from all walks of life, helping me to do what was right, no matter how hard it was for me.

Some people didn’t know my past, my relationship with my mum. Some people didn’t even know I didn’t have a relationship with her for the last 10 years, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have to do what I thought was right.

What I did have was a strong relationship with and guidance from my Granny (her mum), and a relationship with my aunt, and the rest of my little family. When growing up, I needed more people to lean on, so I went to find them, and I got them.

Before I left Glasgow last week, I was surprised and touched to get this book from someone in the post. I got cards, and flowers. Thoughts and many many rainbows sent my way. People have taken me in and looked after me, let me talk and let me be. 

It all really did make me feel super strong, like I could do anything.

And yesterday I came home to a card from my best friends mum and dad with just the right words in it to make me cry a little, and make me appreciate every single word and person who’s here for me.

Then I got back home and this little present / elephant was under my pillow. I’m very very fortunate to know so many great people. There still more to do, but I know it and I will be just fine. 

They say that friends are the family we choose, and this month has exemplified this for me. Thank you all xx you’ve made me super strong, and you’ve made things easy to deal with xx

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