Who’s idea was this??

I came up to Wick (where I grew up) on Sunday and spent Monday visiting some good friends and family.

One thing that struck me was the big beautiful skies as I was driving up. Pretty and big skies which I forgot about.

Anyway, on Tuesday we decided we’d go for a run. Me, my brother Neil and my brother Ewen. I think I’d forgotten how cold and windy it is up in Caithness.im not sure who’s idea it was, but half way through I was about to punch whoever it was. 😉

I was adamant that I’d be ok in my shorts. Legs are waterproof, afterall.

The weather was due to be horrible, 5’C, 40mph winds, rain. And it was.

My gillet kept my torso dry, but by the end my elbows were locked cold, and my legs and face were red raw. There was wind, ice, climbing over fences, cold hard rain. The cap did me good. But the conditions were nasty. 

It was pretty funny actually… I don’t even know how long we ran for in time, but we ran nearly 8 miles around town.

Around the harbour up to the cemetery, past the high school, up Newton hill, back into town, along the riverside, and back home.

By the end I was cold wet and shivery, it was a struggle to untie my trainers. I had work gloves but they were soaked through and my hands were cold.

Neil is doing a marathon in California next week, and it should be a breeze compared to what we did today. 

I had a shower, some sugar (chocolate) and coffee to warm myself up and get myself and my blood pressure back to normal! Now I have new learned respect for anyone who runs up here in these conditions!

Back to sunny Glasgow tomorrow.

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1 Response to Who’s idea was this??

  1. Audrey Douglas says:

    I live in Aberdeenshire now but ran twice in Caithness when i was home this year – fortunately the weather was a little kinder than what you experienced today or maybe I am used to the cold coastal winds of the North East. Lovely pictures😔

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