Almost there…

The last week has been a challenge… my sleep has been affected, and then so has everything else been. But then I managed to get a lot done and for some reason felt very strong most of the time.

I got lots of messages of support, and well wishes, which I think helped me to feel like I could do and sort anything. So thanks to everyone who sent me messages, cards, rainbows, Disney birds and forest animals.

As you can see from above, my sleep was bad, sometimes I was getting to sleep ok, but then 4-5 hours later I was wide awake and not able to get back to sleep.

Most of my ‘tasks’ that I needed to get done, are done, and now I have just one thing to do today. I took care of myself yesterday, a massage at lunchtime which immediately made me feel tired, then a good chat with s friend in the afternoon before getting some things done at night.

I got nearly 9 hours sleep, so I feel like I’m back on track to taking care of myself. I did see about 8 or 9 rainbows yesterday, so I should have known it was all on the up.

This morning, to set me up for the day, I went an easy 5 mile run. I wasn’t looking at my heart rate on my watch, but it turned out to avg 150 which is spot on. The run seemed to go on for ever. A dog barked at me and chased me, but he didn’t get me. 😉

My tunes have been helping me be strong too.

Thanks again for all the good wishes, they really have helped me be strong and get through. X

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