2015km in 2015…

This morning on my run with my work Twinnie, I was saying that I felt like I was struggling a bit to get motivated to get out of bed and run, now that winter has started.

I ran on Monday night, and had a long day and night and work them college on Tuesday, then I managed to get out of bed this morning to meet her for a run (but I’m not sure I would have got up early to do s run if I hadn’t arranged to meet her).

I don’t know what it is, maybe the change to winter, the darkness, the weather, being a bit sore from strength training… there are so many little excuses my mind can come up with to make me shift away from my weekly plan.

My twinnie reminded me that I was up and out this morning, and that I do a lot compared to others, so I shouldn’t beat myself up about it (or feel guilty). I maybe don’t feel guilty when missing a run, but I do wish I could just get out and stick to a plan.

Then again, I also know how important rest is, and I know that sometimes life and work takes over – and that’s fine. It’s good to be flexible and listen to your body. And as long as I get to do my runs and training, at least to some sort of minimal amount, then I’m happy.

Tonight I was checking out my Garmin stats and I noticed that I’ve run 1,103 miles so far this year. 45 weeks into the year, and I’ve run on average 24.5 miles per week. I’ve run nearly 100 miles more this year so far, than last years end total!

In fact, this year 2015 is looking like it’s going to be my second highest mileage year in 6 years since I got my Garmin. If I keep up my running, I could easily hit the mileage target I set at the start of this year which was:

1,252 miles (2015km) in 2015

All I need to do is run an average of 21.5 miles or more, per week for the rest of the year – and I’ll achieve my goal. And I’ll be just 100 miles off my highest mileage year in 2011 (the year I did my first official marathon).

So, I thought to motivate me to get out and run (without any race for me until early spring 2016), I’d do a wee training plan for running to go by. Here it is:

The columns on the right show, the % of weeks we are through the year, we’re 45 weeks into the year (87%), and I’ve run 1,103 miles so far (90% of my target).

3 runs a week with the option of a 4th one if I fancy it. 🙂 I’ll do one long run, and a couple of shorter easy runs (maybe a bit of speedwork if I fancy it). I’ll stick my plan somewhere where I can see it, to motivate me to get out and about running.

Strength is another story – I’m still going to do it, however after my first strength workout in Saturday, I was sore to about Tuesday or Wednesday. So I’m going to build up to 2 strength workouts a week, one at the weekend and one midweek.

Let’s see if this can get me motivated as the storms, cold and darkness of winter kicks in.

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