Out with the old…

The other day, at the Jimmy Irvine 10k, my blue Mizuno trainers got soaked through. They were already not in the best nick, but it seems like they’re maybe finished off now.  

They got soaked through, and as they’ve been drying, I’m afraid to say … they are STINKING! (Oops). 


I have had them for quite a while (June 2014), so it’s probably time they went out…

…and tonight I decided I’d buy a new pair:

Mizuno wave inspire 11s, black and red ones, for a good deal from wiggle. (And a pair of arm sleeves fell in the basket too!)

http://www.Wiggle.co.uk are such a good company, good deals, excellent service. I look forward to receiving my order! (And I’ll be throwing my old used and stinking trainers, out).

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