Janice is a real hero – vote for her!

I’ve written about Janice Millar before… I was lucky enough to meet Janice a few years ago when she reached out for some coaching from me.

She explained that she was a survivor of breast cancer and had been cancer free for a number of years, then went on to describe her journey to health – through getting into running, lots and lots.

She was already a good and determined runner, and stunned me with all of the events she’d entered that year – she seemed to be doing one every week, and if it wasn’t an event, it was a fun or family park run. She’s gone from not being a runner at all, to joining and running club and winning their overall yearly prize for most points won.

I coached her a few times, and set her up with a training plan for London marathon. (The place she won for winning the most points in her running club the year I met her).

I helped in pacing her at the Jimmy Irvine 10k in 2013, and featured in a short ‘Get Inspired’ film with her for the BBC. (The makers didn’t realise we were connected when they contacted us). Her parts were brilliant and she finished the film off with a very positive message.

Since we met initially, she’s gone on to set up her own running club, Janice’s Joggers, she coaches at her running club, the Kilmarnock Harriers and she coached school kids too. Her motivation, dedication and straight talking really is infectious. She’s simply a lovely and inspiring lady.

Janice is now in the running for a top TV award – and you can vote for her to show your support.

Janice was nominated for the STV Real Heroes Awards by daughter-in-law Laura, in recognition of her hard work inspiring others to get active with her running group Janice’s Joggers, Kilmarnock Harriers, and pupils at Loudoun Academy.

Her story will appear on Real Heroes on Monday 16 November, at 8pm – please tune in and vote! You can see Janice’s page on the Real Heroes website or read the nomination submitted by Laura below.

She wrote…

Janice was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 11 years ago. She underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery and gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

During this time she was always positive and I am delighted to say is now healthy. As she was on steroids for some time her weight increased and she was not comfortable with this.

My family had just started going to parkrun on a Saturday morning, Janice decided to join us. She walked most of the first 5k but through determination she built up to running the full thing. Not happy with just this achievement she then joined Kilmarnock Harriers and started increasing her distance and bringing down her times. She started entering races and really enjoying being active. Her weight was coming down and she was looking and feeling fantastic.

She has now run two marathons and raised thousands of pounds for Cancer Research.

Janice is the most inspiring person I know, she has a can do attitude and has now started to help others to achieve their goals. Last year Janice changed jobs to enable her to be part time and spend more time doing what she truly loves…helping others.

Janice coaches at Kilmarnock Harries on a Wednesday evening, this was originally meant to be for parents dropping their kids off at training and just sitting around waiting. Janice talked to these parents and decided to use this time productively and start a jogging/running group. As she has such a friendly and encouraging manner this group is growing all the time, she now has people coming along outwith the parental group.

Janice also coaches a youth group at Loudoun Academy on a Wednesday afternoon, she has inspired a lot of young people to take up running. She contacted the school to offer her services as a jogscotland Leader and has had a great uptake in her coached sessions. She organized for the girls to be part of the Race for Life this year which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Janice also coaches a group of runners in the Valley area on a Friday evening, she encourages all these people of all abilities with her friendly nature. This is a social event where all these people come together, meet others and really help to motivate each other. This is to name a few of the things Janice does, there are more….

Janice gives up a lot of time to help others become healthy, active and happy. She is “one of a kind” and I am truly thankful to have such an amazing lady to be part of both my life and my children’s life’s. What an amazing role model to have.

So please put a reminder on to watch STV at 8pm on Monday 16th November, and vote for Janice. I know I will be. 🙂

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