Wk44 into Wk45

This last week was all about running. After doing the Southside six on Sunday, I decided I’d run whenever I wanted without any set plan. And I’d not do any strength work until the Saturday, ease myself into it gently.

So here’s what I did:

Mon: 5M easy run
Tue: 5.35M easy run
Wed: 5M walking (Edinburgh)
Thu: Rest
Fri: 7.2M easy run
Sat: 1 hour deadlift strength
Sun: 7.2M including pacing 55 mins at the Jimmy Irvine 10k

I was lucky to get a good all over body massage at work on Tuesday, I thought I was five after the run, but the massage priced otherwise – sore / tense shoulders and sore legs, especially my it bands. Ouch. Hence the two days rest on Wednesday and Thursday.

I did nearly 100,000 steps and an avg of 13.5k steps a day. 🙂 I must say after strength on Saturday, I’m sore. The only parts that aren’t sore are from my knees down and from my neck up. I was careful not to lift too heavy, but even then, I haven’t done strength for so long that it was going to hurt. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Today was the Jimmy Irvine 10k, in the wind and rain… I’d offered to help my good friend Janice with some runners she coaches at the Kilmarnock Harriers. I helped Mark get a pb of around 55 minutes, by pacing him (and giving him a cape).

I was meant to meet them at 11, but as I pulled up in the car, the 2 minute silence started, so I took some time out to quietly think / remember.

This was the second loop and by this point the rain was almost horizontal. He did very well – the start is pretty fast, downhill so I let him judge his own pace, then I tried to keep him going, especially towards the end.

At the end I hung around a bit, then thought it’d be a good idea to go get Janice / keep her company as she was finishing. More about her soon.

Next week I have some 1-1 coaching and I’ll be running and doing some more strength.

Mon: AM 10k, PM Run coaching
Tue: 35 min distance trial
Wed: Squat Strength
Thu: 8M run
Fri: 4M easy run (or strength, or rest)
Sat: Deadlift Strength
Sun: Rest (or run)

Tonight I’m going out for dinner to meet my Dad and step mum. Looking forward to it. 🙂 I’ve dried off and heated up a bit from before.

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