Southside Six 2015

Today (as I kind of expected), was a good day. Great late autumn weather for my second shot at the Southside Six.

Now no one likes a greeter, and I don’t go on about it much, but in the last few days I haven’t been feeling quite right.

At work, at my desk, I’ve gone dizzy – my blood pressure is a bit low again, and maybe something is working on me. On Saturday I felt sick all day. Not so good.

So I decided to take my own advice about taking things easy, and I decided I’d do things a little bit differently than planned. I offered to run with my friend who is written the previous post about, help her take it easy and keep her company on the run.

I went to Queen’s Park about 10am and picked up my number. I was greeted by Mike (who I’ve got to know thru running the thunder run 24 with), and a few other runners I know including Gerry, Zander, Stuart, Cris and Paul. I ran with my water pack and took some caffeine energy gels to keep me going.

I walked up to the flag pole with Mike, where I dropped my elephant for my granny’s 100th birthday. (It’s still there, high up in a tree).

The race started at 11am, and there we were, Mike, Lauren and I running down the hill that is the start of the Southside six. I remember doing it last time and getting a bit carried away then. But I did the race in 2:04 that time, I know there was no way I wanted to get near that time today. I needed to take it easy and take care.

Mike went of ahead and Lauren and I kept going, chatting and picking up stickers in each of the parks. It was a good really day for a run.

And so I did. We ran through all of the 6 parks, hilly in bits, damn steps at other bits. Leaves all over the place. The conditions were perfect and the marshals made it easy. My heart rate was between 130-150 for the first half, just as I’d wanted it. Easy.

After about 1:30, just as we were going into Pollok park, Lauren and I parted ways and I went off ahead on my own. The back path in Pollok was a bit muddy and slippery, so I made sure I took my time. I saw Marc in the park, hopefully he got a good pic of me. 😉 Then as I was back on concrete I opened it up a bit.

I was feeling good and then I remembered that Mike was ahead and I thought I might be able to catch him. I knew the elites back to Queen’s Park well, and I cranked up my heart rate to 165. 🙂 just for a bit (6 miles).

I was passing people as I was running along, the beauty of a negative split. It was nice to open up, but I was still conscious that I didn’t want to overdo it. Running up Nithsdale I heard someone on my heels and I kicked a little and felt strong powering up my old favourite, Nithsdale road.

At the bottom of Nithsdale, I spied Mike ahead of me, and caught up with him just inside Queen’s Park. I had a wee chat with him for a bit, and towards the end, I now knew what was head of me:

– Hill
– Stairs
– Hill
– Finishing uphill straight (And the bit that made me walk the last time – not his time!)

I met Graham (in the picture above) just after the stairs. He had sensibly walked up the stairs and was walking a bit more for some more recovery. I asked him if he’d like to join me running and he did. We had a quick chat and exchanged names, then we powered up the last hill together.

I spied Fit Girl at the finish line with her camera and managed to put a smile on just before the finish line. 🙂

This time I finished in about 2:26 ish, with a big smile on my face. Afterwards
I got warm, drank plenty and went to the race tent for soup and cake and the prize giving. (Here’s me and mike at the end).

I was really pleased to find out that my lovely colleague Cris Walsh came in 3rd overall and 1st vet. I had a stretch, and a chat with some people and some really tasty soup. Look at the spread!

Whilst I was in there I was a little bit blown away when a guy came up to talk to me. Turns out I helped Paul when I paced the great Scottish run 10k in 50 minutes in 2013.

Paul explained to me that that I’d helped him get his pb that day, and it changed his life. He saw how I encouraged people that day, and it inspired him to change his life.

I’m the bright yellow one on the left, Paul is just behind me in yellow / green.  
Since then he’s gone on to run many more races, including 4 marathons. And he’s a become a running coach with the Glasgow running network, helping others achieve. He listed numerous people he’s helped go on to do many events. And he thanked me and said I was an great inspiration.

I left him feeling very warm and very proud inside, and he helped remind me why I love running and why I love helping others. I don’t think I’d met Paul before today, but he really did make my day. After I walked away from him, I nearly cried.

So now, I might be a little run down, or dizzy, or whatever the hell this is. But that chat with Paul really made me feel great. Time to take care of myself again, get plenty sleep and mix up my training a bit to focus on strength training with some running alongside it.

Early night for me, after a good day out running. 🙂

Avg HR was 149, max 175 – avg pace 9:13 min miles.

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