Wk42 into Wk43

This last week was meant to be full of running, strength and swimming, and I tried, but I added some more rest in too (and didn’t get around to doing any strength training).

I have the Southside 6 next Sunday so my thoughts are more on running, and if rather not cripple myself with sore legs and a sore body before it. So I’ll look at getting properly into strength training after the race on the 1st November.

Work has been a bit busy too, I have a project to deliver by Friday 30th October. I’m on track, but it’s been a lot of additional work. And I’ve also been given a whole new area to have in my workload as of next week, so Wednesday Thursday I didn’t sleep too well thinking about it all.

Anyway, here’s what I did last week:

Mon: 2000m swim
Tue: Rest
Wed: 4M run wi FG
Thu: 1 hour distance trial (in the wind)
Fri: 5M wi twinnie
Sat: Rest (had my nieces for the day)
Sun: Rest (time wi FG, shopping etc!)

As I mentioned, my sleep was crappy on wed and the night – I went to bed at a good time, but lay sake thinking of the hundreds of things I needed to do. I got up and emailed myself at work so that I got them out and had the list at work. I seem to have caught up this weekend anyway, with the extra hour in bed. Yahoo.

The number on the left is last nights sleep, the number on the right is my avg sleep for the last week. I’d like to see that number go up closer to 9. 🙂

Yesterday and today I’ve given up my long run days to spend time with people j care about. Yesterday was parks, colouring in and ice creams with my two nieces, and today I’m spending the day out wi FG.

My steps last week weren’t great, only achieving 10,000 on my run days, and I’ll maybe do it today too. Maybe I could call it taper time? 😉

Then next week I’ll start it all over again. The swim last week was good and I have my new goggles etc now, so it should be even better tomorrow.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: 2000m swim
Tue: 8M run / hour distance trial
Wed: 2000m swim
Thu: 5M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: Southside 6

And I have that project to deliver too, plus my own work to do (and the evening class on Tuesday night). I’m gonna be busy! Got to get my efficient head on and get lots done!

After all that I’ll change my focus to swimming and strength training with running ticking along into the winter months.

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