Swimming & seeing clearly now

I went swimming on Monday morning for the first time in ages. 2000m or 80 lengths, as it was my first time in ages, it took a little longer than usual, but I was ok with that. Something to improve upon. 🙂

As I hadn’t been in the pool for ages, my old goggles I had, seemed to fog up all the time. As soon as I put them on in the pool, foggy goggles. (I tried the shampoo in them and the saliva, but they were gubbed). And I realised I misplaced my usual ear plugs, so I decided to order new ones from wiggle.

Here they are. 🙂

Items Ordered

Nice and simple, clear goggles and ear plugs. I used to swim 3 times a week. It was when I was 19 and in uni and I decided I’d swim 120 lengths (3000m) each time I went, to practice getting better at it.

I went religiously, 3 times a week, early in the morning for the whole of a summer, and I possibly got to be the fittest I’ve ever been. I practiced and practiced and taught myself how to streamline better and to do table turns.

I ended up improving my 3000m time from 1:20 to 55 minutes. And I had shoulders wider than they’ve ever been. I remember going back to uni after summer, and my friends being really impressed with my toned body (that had kind of happened by mistake, as a result of me just swimming). I loved it.

A few years later I decided it’d be a good idea to learn to teach others to swim, and I became a swimming teacher, teaching kids and adults for nearly 14 years. 🙂

This is me just as I was learning in Cyprus with my favourite thing from my childhood – flippers!

Now though when I swim, as much as I enjoy it when I do it, I get cold after it, and shivery. And I sometimes get nasal / sinus headaches. It’s really annoying.

I’ve tried a lot, decongestant before I go swimming, plenty of hydration before and after it. I seal every hole in my head up: ear plugs, nose clip, goggles – the lot!

I don’t know if it’s a reaction to the chlorine, age, or what. But I’ll stick at it. 🙂

Monday morning for a swim again I think. 🙂 another 80 lengths, see if I can improve my time and get through it without many side effects after it. Maybe I’ll be able to stick st it Autumn into winter too?!

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