Sleep tracking on the new Garmin app

The other night I came in from my run and I noticed that my Garmin Connect app on my phone had changed colour – to a (possibly) slightly sinister darker blue.

It had upgraded itself….

And my app went from this … :

To this dark affair and maybe a bit futuristic… :

With any big change, it takes getting used to, but so far, I’m liking it. You can customise it, and see all of your stats and graphs in a nice format.

The colour coding has changed, green used to be good (which made sense), now orange is good (or meeting target). And blue or purple is not meeting target.

This is all tied into my vivoactive for everyday use and swimming and my 620 for running. So I get steps, running, walking, sleep and swimming, as well as weight tracking automatically transferred from withings.

Here’s a focus in on the sleep part of the app, tracked via my Garmin Viviactive (and this is where I admit I’ve not had good sleeps the last two nights – 5 hours each night – Arg).

You can see a daily view or a weekly view of your sleep hours, against your ideal bedtime and wake up time (10-6 for me). It gives you your average for the week, and if it’s above your ideal, it goes orange in the circle, if it’s below it, it goes blue / purple.

And you can also drill down into detail, light sleep, deep sleep and wake time (although I’m not sure how accurate it is – it gives you an idea).

Here’s my sleep from last night, I’ve got too much going on at work hence not being able to get to sleep for a few hours after I go to bed.

Anyway, last week was good, an average of 8:45 … and this weekend, the clocks go back so I’m looking forward to a lie in and the extra hour in bed!!

I have to say I’m liking the new app, the only thing missing (or that I haven’t found) is a page for vo2 Max, but it might be in there somewhere. 🙂

Do you like the new Garmin connect app?

Not got it yet? Go into the App Store and see if you can upgrade.

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