October – December Training

It’s now almost 3 weeks since the marathon, and I’m starting to think that I’m pretty much fully recovered from it now. 🙂 I’ve had plenty rest and I’m feeling like I need to up my game again and place less importance on recovery.

I always have it in my head that its a good idea to either take a full 2-4 weeks off training after a marathon (a day for every mile raced: 26 days), or to just be less specific with your training, train as you feel – not necessarily training for a specific goal (and make rest the priority).

Now after 3 weeks, I feel a bit like I’m taking the pi$$ a bit. 😉 and I’m ready to get back to some more of focussed training (with some reason behind it).

I have the Southside 6 in 2 weeks, so I can focus on building long run / speed endurance and a building my fitness back up. And then after that I’d like to focus on strength, with a bit of cross training with swimming (running less of a focus).

In the last 3 weeks, I spent the first week, pretty much tired and hungry from it, and sore (legs) up to about the Thursday after it.

Wk39: – wk1 of recovery: I did a few walks, and one run later in the week before doing the pacing for the Great Scottish Run that weekend (which was great fun).

Then last week, Wk40: – wk2 of recovery: time out to make sure I recovered from the marathon plus the half, then a couple of runs, and a couple of walks.

I wasn’t going to run at the weekend, but some free time popped up on Sunday, so I thought why not?, and felt really grateful when I effortlessly cranked out an easy long run of just over 11 miles. I could have gone on. 🙂

Wk41 (this week), and my plans were great, full of ideas to swim on Monday and Friday morning, getting back into strength on Wednesday, and running 3 times a week. Only it didn’t quite happen like that, my mind was still thinking ‘ recovery is important’.

After my long run on Sunday, I decided to not do the swim on Monday, I thought rest / recovery was more important at this time (and the real reason? – I just couldn’t get myself out of bed to go to the pool in the dark 630am morning!)

Strength just didn’t happen on Wednesday, it’s like I need a focus or a good reason to do it. From after the Southside 6 there will be 9 weeks left til the end of the year… so…

Swimming – it’ll be good cross training & some cardio other than running to get my teeth into. 2 sessions a week, 2k swims / time trials. If I aim for 10-12 swims before the end of the year, that will hopefully motivate me.

Strength – it’ll be good to get my focus on strength into the winter months, and have running take a backseat. 3 sessions a week, build it up. 2×4 week blocks, November & December, then I’ll see where I’m at.

So those are my reasons for doing swimming and strength into the winter months. No matter how dark or cold it is, I’ll need a reason to do them so I don’t just make up an ‘excuse’ and pull out of doing them.

Thisis what I’ve done this week, am planning to do the rest of the week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5M run
Wed: Rest
Thu: 1 hour run

Fri: Swim
Sat: Rest
Sun: 12M run (incl coaching session)

And this will be my plan in the next 2 weeks before the SS6:

Mon: Swim / Strength
Tue: 13.1M Long Run
Wed: Strength / 4M Run FG
Thu: 1 hour run (distance trial 20×1:1)
Fri: Swim
Sat: 18M? Long Run
Sun: Rest

Mon: Swim / Strength
Tue: Run
Wed: Strength
Thu: 1 hour run (distance trial 10×2:2)
Fri: Swim
Sat: Rest
Sun: Southside 6

I enjoyed my run at lunchtime this week so I’m going to make it a priority to fit in one lunchtime run a week (also the benefit of running in daylight, as opposed to dark dark cold mornings).

Hopefully, I’ll do a ‘distance trial’ where I try to run further for 35, 45 or 60 minutes. (60 mins if possible). Yesterday I ran a comfortable 7.15 miles in 60 minutes, so I’ll see how much I can push it (with interval sessions) to beat that.

Then this will be my flexible weekly plan into winter:

1. 2-3 Strength sessions a week
2. 2 swims a week
3. 2-4 runs a week (less focus on running, just do it)

Wk44 – Focus on Strength
Mon: Swim / Strength 1
Tue: 35 min – 1 hour run (distance trial)
Wed: Strength 2 / FG Run
Thu: Run (or Long Run)
Fri: Swim (or Strength 3)
Sat: Long Run (or Strength 3)
Sun: Rest

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