Everything is awesome? 5/5

Following on from yesterday’s post, Evertyhing is awesome? 4/5 … here’s the final part of the series: (or you can read the whole thing here: Everything is Awesome?).

The possibilities are endless

You’ve got over it and everything is fine. You have ups and downs (like everyone does), but you realise how far you’ve come. And that you’re well now.

You’re able to function again. You secure a new job that is more for you, and you get really good at it. You learn how to run long again without getting the symptoms. The sun is still shining, and you’ve got a new more informed perspective on life.

You place an importance on sleep, rest, taking care of yourself, being social, getting a balance and having fun.

You still feel like you can do anything, but you’re more grounded now, and you have a better understanding of yourself and what makes you tick. You realise why you’re here – what floats your boat, why you’re alive.

You turn the focus away from you, and want to help others instead – you reach out to others to help them. Your life is enriched by the people you’ve met, the people you’ve helped. You laugh more, take life less seriously and realise that we’re all on a changeable axis of good and bad health (mental and physical).

Some people cope better with the stresses that life throws at us, and some people manage how they feel better than others do. Some people struggle and shrivel up, whilst others learn to cope, thrive and grow (sometimes without anyone knowing their challenges).

You’ve learned to relax, you take time out and have fun. You miss that run that’s on the training plan, and it doesn’t matter – you know that rest is just as important. You listen to your body. You’re not weak or broken – you’re You. You learn what’s good for you, and you do it. Life is good.

You look back at your ‘crazy’ time and realise how well you are now. You feel strong, confident and happy and you’re grateful for everything you are, everything you have and everything you’ve been through in your life. You walk outside, stand tall in the silence, you look up to the sky and a big proud smile fills your face.

You realise that your window on the world is much richer for having gone through all of this and the other challenges you’ve faced.

Life is brilliant, you feel amazing, super, great. You are fortunate, happy and relaxed, and you can do anything you set your mind to do.


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1 Response to Everything is awesome? 5/5

  1. Janice says:

    Oh honey to truly be you – you had to go through that no matter how awful it was – it’s the tough times, the challenges that make us, not the easy times – only those who have gone through tough times can understand the metamorphosis it brings about, the deeper understanding of what life is really about.
    I’m glad you’re you and I’m happy you’re in my life.

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