Everything is awesome? 4/5

Following on from yesterday’s post, Everything is awesome? 3/5 … here’s part four:

Telling people

You tell those close to you – your partner, your family, your boss, your best friend – what’s been happening, and what you think will help in your recovery. You don’t want to tell too any people, in case they think you’re crazy, broken, weak, or insane. You probably tell too many people, but you can’t help it – it feels like such a big thing you’re going through.

You learn how to explain it: ‘You know what bipolar is? Well imagine the highs and the lows, but you don’t get the lows. You feel great all of the time, you have so much energy, and ideas, and you don’t need much sleep. Then you can’t focus, concentrate, and you sometimes get easily confused and upset or anxious.’

But telling people feels worse than coming out, and you cringe every time you start to tell someone. As if coming out as being manic or mental when you’re 32, is worse than coming out as being gay when you’re 19. :-/ It would be so much easier if you had something to show for it, like a broken limb, a bandage or a black eye.

Then you realise it’s all just part of life – part of the human condition. 1 in 4 people experience mental ill health in their lifetime, and you just became one of them. Time to get better.

You slowly start to recover, and balance and normality come back to your life. You’ve learned what works for you. You let go of things more easily, you park ideas, and try not to let things get to you anymore. You try to slow down and you take care of yourself.

You’re careful to get enough sleep, and you limit stimulants like caffeine after lunch. You try to be more ‘in the moment’, have fun, and spend time with those you love.

You find out how to get better health and you realise how important being well and healthy is. Maybe it isn’t so big and scary after all.

With help from others, you’ve cured yourself.



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