Everything is awesome? 2/5

Following on from yesterday’s post, Everything is awesome? 1/5… here’s part two:

Or is it?

People you know get concerned about you, and reach out to help you and ask if you’re ok. They’re confused with how you’re acting and being. You tell them it’s ok, that you’re fine, and not to worry – you’ll fix it. You’ll
fix it. You don’t know what’s wrong – but you’ll fix it.

You know you should probably get your head down and rest, but you also know there’s no way you can relax or rest. You can’t turn off, you can’t slow down or stop.

You start to realise that you’re forgetting to do the basics: eat, sleep, wash. You’re putting them all off for your ideas and creativity. Your tummy rumbles loudly at you, but you’re busy so you let it rumble on. You’re hardly eating or sleeping or functioning.

You’re sitting there, busy, still in your running clothes, from a run that finished three hours ago. You should have eaten and showered by now, but you’re too busy, working on your ideas or wasting time on the Internet. You close off to those close to you, because you’re too busy with your thoughts and ideas.

Those who care about you try to step in again and have honest conversations with you. Letting you know that they think that what you’re doing and how you’re feeling isn’t right – that you need to sleep, you need to eat and relax. But you don’t want to lose the good feelings, the creativity and what feels like an aura of incredible super powers – you don’t want it and the good feelings to ever end.

You can’t focus – can’t concentrate, you can’t think about more than one thing at a time, but then five or ten other things pop into your head at once. You struggle to decipher them all, but you want to capture and develop them all. You spend way too much time on your ideas and you forget to take care of yourself.

You start to feel way overwhelmed and it doesn’t feel right. You have to take time off work to understand what’s happening, to allow your body and mind to recover.

You need to get yourself better.

– – … – –

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