Great Scottish Run 2015 – pacing 2:20

Today we were up early to walk to the start line of the Great Scottish Run half marathon. I met a few people I knew when I got there, and I picked up my pacer pack (which was nice and light).

2 hours 20 would mean me aiming for around 10:41 minute mikes, and I started in the pink section.

Here’s me at the baggage buses getting ready (I was starting to need a pee). The whites and elites went off at 1130, then the greens at 1140.

Then it was the pinks turn at 1150. I’d met the two women I’m coaching, Jo and Louise. We planned it so that they’d run the first part with me, then they’d go off on their own. They’ve done really well in their training.

I met them a few months ago and their goal was to complete the half marathon. They built up to be able to run the distance, and a few weeks ago they did the half marathon distance on a route I took them on. Today they did great and finished together in 2:16.

They did great and I’m well impressed with their dedication and effort they put in. They also raised lots of money for charity too.

(See my flag in this picture, and I’m peaking out a bit too).

Other impressive results from people I know today, in no particular order: – my work Twinnie, 1:58
– Fit Girl, a half m pb in her 2nd official half, 1:51
– Susan, one of my Thunder Run 24 team, 1:59 (her goal was sub 2) – Lauren Mackay from work, 1:54
– Jonathon Mcdonald 1:24 (198th)!
– Greg Beveridge 1:44ish
– Cris Walsh, 34 minutes for the 10k, 26th overall and 1st I his age group. – Rebecca Hutchison, 10k 55ish minutes for her first! (And over £835 raised) – Kathi Miller who helped Deborah complete her first half marathon.

I planned to follow the pace strategy above, I started out faster than the average pace, then slowed after half way. (With the idea that people would be getting tired).

My Garmin registered 2:20 at 13.1 miles and I slowed towards the end to try to encourage people to run past me to finish.

Here’s my pacing for the run:

I met and encouraged lots of people, one in particular, Brigitte Maily. She was French and said that her previous half result was 2:36… She stuck with me almost to the end and I found she did 2:21.

Running further back in the pack, I found myself getting lots of people to run when j passed them walking. I’d say ‘let’s go, come on, let’s go’… And they’d look at me and sometimes smile, and start running.

I could tell that some people were injured, or some people were just taking a breather it were tired. And it was good to get people’s names and cheer them on. Stephen, Ben, Kirsty, Helen, Frank, Andy, Chris, Jennifer… Sandra who did the Loch Ness marathon last week, and loads more.

I crossed the line in just over 2:20 (I slowed at the end to let people overtake me)… and I even managed to get on telly a couple of times on BBC2:

At the start behind dougie vipond and around 26 minutes in behind the two judi girls. 😉

I had a good wee walk home, cheering on some people who were still finishing and then had a tasty lasagne for dinner. Yum. (And some real Coke).

Great run, great scottish run. 🙂 well done to everyone who took part.

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