Fit Girl’s LNMarathon Training & Training Plan

Some people were asking about Fit Girl’s training for the Loch Ness Marathon – so I got this together.

We started training for the Loch Ness Marathon in July, with a 12 week plan to get her up to the marathon distance.

Here’s the plan we got together for it – 3 runs / cardio session a week, priority on the long run at the weekend:

It was a shorter than normal lead up and she didn’t run all the time. Sometimes she did spin sessions as her cardio instead of the shorter runs (to support / strengthen her injured knee). The 12 week lead in was designed to not put too much pressure on her knee either – less is more. Fit Girl was a bit limited by her knee and she had to be careful.

You can train for a marathon on 3 runs a week – and in some cases 1 long run a week (as long as you’re active / doing other cardio on other days in the week – spinfit worked for Fit Girl – sometimes 45 mins – 1:30). She also did short strength sessions at the gym.

Here’s Fit Girl’s actual training she did in the run up to the 2015 Loch Ness Marathon:

She did 1 long run a week, and did a mixture of 2 other runs a week, or 2-3 hard spin / strength sessions a week (she did 4 runs over 18 miles):

Wk1 – Sun 27 Sep – 26.2M3:57 / 9:04 min miles

(plus 2 spin / strength sessions & a 5 miler)

Wk2 – Sun 20 Sep – 13.1M1:59 / 9:09 min miles (on her own)

(plus 2 spin / strength sessions)
Wk3 – Sun 13 Sep – 19.2M2:50 / 8:52 min miles (**GREAT RUN!)

(plus a 6 miler) (plus 3 spin / strength sessions)

Wk3 – Thu 3 Sep 20M3:07 / 9:25 min miles (*bad run, sore knee, lost on route!)

(plus 3 spin / strength sessions)

Wk4 – Fri 28 Aug – 11.5M1:43 / 9:00 min miles

(plus 2 spin / strength sessions)

Wk5 – Sat 22 Aug – 18M 2:50 / 9:26 min miles (on her own)

(plus a 4 & 5 miler)

Wk6 – Sun 16 Aug – 14M2:09 / 9:13 min miles

(plus a 5 miler)

Wk7 – Sun 8 Aug – 18.2M2:49 / 9:17 min miles

(plus a 4 & 5 miler)

Wk8 – Sat 1 Aug – 13.1M2:03 / 9:26 min miles

(plus a 4.4 & 6 miler)

Wk9 – Sat 25 Jul10.1M – 1:34 / 9:16 min miles

(plus a 5 & 6 miler)

Wk10 – Sat 18 Jul9.3M1:23 / 8:53 min miles

(plus a 5 & 6 miler)

Wk 11- Fri 10 Jul6.6M1:00 / 9:10 min miles

(plus a 4 & 6.2 miler)

A lot of hard work, and getting to know her fuelling, hydration and gear on the long runs. She’s possibly fed up with me by now I think (having been on all those long runs together)! 😉

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1 Response to Fit Girl’s LNMarathon Training & Training Plan

  1. Rob says:

    Thanks for sharing these plans, they are really easy to follow and I’ve been injury free doing the 10k plan. I’m on the second week of the HM plan and its going great, looking forward to a long run in the hills this weekend.

    Keep up the good work!

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