Fit Girl – the dream

Yesterday I wrote about Fit Girl’s injury, and how (even after years of getting no where with it) she managed to find out what worked for her to help her run long without pain.

Once she knew what worked for her, she started to ask herself – if I can do this and run 10 miles, what else can I do?

Fit Girl has always been really dedicated in everything she does. She works hard, she’s always active, she never stops. She helps others, she looks out for others. And she’s also fortunate to be able to push herself physically.

Earlier this year, after a few years of being limited by her knee injury, she found out what worked for her to allow her to run long without her knee injury flaring up.

She came up with a goal, a dream that she wanted to run a half marathon, and she did it. She trained for it, and in March 2015, she ran her first half marathon in 1:52. She was well chuffed (so was I).

Then one day in April, just after the London 2015 marathon took place, she decided that it was her dream to finish a marathon.

She saw so many people that were able to do the marathon and she saw so many people who couldn’t do a marathon. So she decided that it was time she tried. If all those people could do it – what was stopping her from doing it?
Fit Girl wasn’t going to let her knee injury win this time. She’d learned what worked for her and her knee, and she decided it was about time she pushed herself to achieve her ultimate goal – to train for and run a marathon.

She built up steadily and trained to run a half marathon, and knew she could.

In April 2015, Fit Girl entered the Loch Ness Marathon 2015, (the one I’d already signed up for)… and she asked me for some help in designing a training plan she could stick to, to get her to where she wanted to be.

She was determined to make her dream come true – and so we went about it. 🙂 She got advice and support, she trained sensibly, learned what worked for her, and she did it. 🙂

– – … – –

It’s as easy as that – want something enough, want to go get your dream? – go get it:

1. Have a good reason to change / improve / achieve.
2. Set a goal (or goals) you want to achieve.
3. Make a plan.
4. Make time for it / make it important.
5. Take action.
6. Get support from others (family / friends).
7. Marshall your resources (people, coaches, PTs, information, equipment, gear). 8. Review your goal and plans.

What goal would you like to achieve?

– – … – –

Look out for my next posts about her training plan, how her training went, the big day and what she’s up to after it. 🙂

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1 Response to Fit Girl – the dream

  1. Zander Beggs says:

    The image at the top is so appropriate, last year I ran the Fling relay, and the disappointment of not getting into this years spurred me on to do the crazy thing of entering the full race. I became more focused in what I wanted to do and realised soon enough that I’d never run it at my “normal” pace. I therefor changed the way I ran and the pace I ran at. My last long (longest) training run was the Loch Katrine Marathon. I set out to run in 4:30 and done it in 4:32. That was my first official marathon and as the image says, believe you can and you’re halfway there is so true. 60% of running is training 20% is attitude and 20% is self belief.

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