Loch Ness Marathon 2015 Summary

On Sunday, Fit Girl completed the challenge of her lifetime – in running her first, and possibly last (?) marathon…

(…and I ran along side her as her mobile support team 😀 ).

Fit Girl ran the Loch Ness marathon in 3:57:57, (in under her dream target time, sub 4), and she could hardly believe she’d done it. She never thought she’d be able to do it, but she did. (3:57:34 on my Garmin!)

(She’s so determined in everything she does, so I secretly knew she’d be able to do it).

(On her way to the start at 645am).

I knew it would be hard – Marathons are hard, but she stuck in and got it done. She learned how to overcome an annoying lingering knee injury that pestered her for years, and she did it. She really went and did it. 🙂

Fit Girl ran 26.2 miles along Loch Ness – she got her medal, her tshirt and she earned her marathon legs. She really impressed me and made me really proud, tears to my eyes kinda stuff. She did it, we did it, together.

Over the next week or so, I’ll take my time out from training to (recover and) write down a bit more, about the following:

The Dream
The History
The Plan
The Training
The Big Marathon Day
The Recovery and Beyond

I hope you enjoy reading about her story – her journey. 🙂

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