Shhhhh! – don’t tell FG!

On Thursday night, I’m not sure why, but I logged into the eBay app on my phone and started bidding for two Garmin 225s – kind of with the hope that I’d be outbid…

… I was thinking it’d be good to get one for Fit Girl as a present for completing the marathon. And I thought eBay would possibly be a good place to get a new and unused one at a bit of a cheaper price.

At one point I was scarily the highest bidder for both… then thankfully I lost one bid. Before putting a last bid on the remaining Garmin 225 up for auction, and I won it!

I got it a bit cheaper than the one below, at£199 (and £40 cheaper than the rrp).

Now I need to see if she’ll want it (or not! – sometimes she doesn’t like gadgets – so I’ll need to wait and see).

If she doesn’t want it, I’ll be looking to sell it (as I can’t have / definitely don’t need 3 Garmins!!)

Ps: if you know her, don’t tell her! (She shouldn’t see it on here as she doesn’t usually read it).

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