Itchy feet, butterflies & strategy

Now might be a good time to look at my last weeks training and what I’ll do the week after the marathon. Put simply – it’s not a lot. 🙂 Taper and rest time this week (mixed in with a busy week at work) and recovery time next week.

I finished Saturday Sunday 19 & 20 September with a 10 miler with my brother and a steady half marathon session with my runners in coaching to do the Great Scottish Run.

Then the week went like this:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 12.1 miles running
Wed: Rest 5 miles walking
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest and travel
Sun: 26.2 miles Loch Ness Marathon

Strictly speaking I should have really for a 30-45 minute run in around Thursday time, but work was too busy and I did a 12 hour day instead. Sometimes that happens and it’ll do me no harm.

So low numbers of steps each day, but I’ve still averaged 11k a day – and will maybe do 40k tomorrow. Here’s how my steps have been this month in the training for the marathon. Blue means I didn’t meet target (and probably had a rest or strength day).

The target changes automatically based on my previous day’s steps.

This morning Fit Girl said to me, I feel like we should be running today, like I haven’t done enough. That’s what taper time does to you. Gives you itchy feet, makes you want to run when you don’t need to.

I’ve reassured her that we’re better to rest and travel and take care to have / get everything we need. We’re traveling up to Inverness and spending most of the day meeting friends and getting settled in.

I’ve been asked by a few people if I’m going for a time, and I’m not. I’m running beside Fit Girl on her first marathon, and I’ll be there to hand her gels and water and to hopefully be a bit of positivity later on in the run when things might start to get hard.

Sore legs, sore body, hills, mind games. I’m expecting them all to come and I’m hoping to help her fight them off.

As its her first marathon, and she’s only recently managed to get herself to run long due to a knee injury that stopped her in her tracks for years – her goal is to finish.

And the faster she’s able to do it, the better, but she’s going to take it easy and see what happens. Who knows what will happen and how it will pan out. I’m excited though, we both are… butterflies are building a little.

Here’s our nutrition strategy for her (friend and tested on training runs):

Pre race:
Breakfast: porridge or fruit, depending on what we can get our hands on early. Water.

4 X 200mg ibuprofen (to help with possible knee pain and future swelling – note: it’s important not to do this every run, but I think it’s ok every now and again.

A caffeine wiggle energy gels every 40-45 minutes. Water. 4-5 gels.

Water, chocolate milkshake (for goodness shakes), lots of walking. Get clothes on get warm. Eat dinner and maybe a lie down and a nap. 😉

Then next week, I’m planning on doing not a lot (except rest), maybe a bit of walking, maybe a 3-5 miler later in the week, before I pace the great Scottish run half marathon on Sunday 4th. 🙂

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