Ready for the LNM

That’s us! We’ve done our training for the Loch Ness marathon! I ran on Tuesday this week (12 miles) and I was going to run on Thursday but late working at work got in the way. Three late nights, lucky it’s taper time.

We’ve been training for this, Fit Girl and I, for the last 10-12 weeks. This was the plan I gave her, 3 runs or cardio sessions in a week, including a long run at the weekend (there was a mistake on the run 2 of the last week, it wasn’t meant to be 18 miles! Lol).

She tended to do her long run, then she did 3-4 spin sessions (45 mins – 1.5 hrs) at the gym and the odd mid week run. She also did weights at the gym. The reason she did the spin, instead of running was because it helped prevent knee pain when she trained for the half marathon earlier in the year, so she tried the magic bullet combination again for this.

Fit Girl hasn’t particularly enjoyed training for her first marathon – she found the long runs long, and they’ve tended to take over her weekend. She’s come home from one long run saying it was the worst experience of her life (oops), and later on, had the best long run of her life (just in time for the event!).

However, we’ve found what works for her, fuelling, gear, drinking wise. And I have a feeling she’s really going to enjoy her first marathon. I’ll wait and see if she ever wants to do another, or if this is it. (This is my 9th marathon I think, and I’ve done 4 ultra distances).

Here’s the elevation of the Loch Ness marathon. Is it hilly? I won’t know until I’m on it, but I have a feeling it’ll be just fine. Hills go up and down anyway. I’m sure it’ll be fine. We should be on enough caffeine gels to get us over those little bumps at 18 miles in anyway. 😉

In the last 12 weeks, my running mileage has been up and down. An average of 36 miles a week, some weeks I did loads of running (6-8 runs, 50-52 miles), some weeks I did hardly any (1, 12-13 miles). I e loved running at the start of Autumn.

It feels like my training has been a good balance between doing enough running and getting enough rest. I’m running with Fit Girl so I don’t have a time goal for me, we’re just going to run til we’re done and I’m going to hand her gels and water etc.

As its her first, and she’s had a knee injury before which has prevented her running long, her goal is to finish a marathon, and any time would be a bonus.

Loch Ness marathon are doing a social tracker thing that looks good, I have it on my personal Facebook page. But I’ll be posting our live route from my Garmin on the day, on my Facebook page incase you want to ‘see’ is run it in real time.

Last thing before I go, on the same day we’re running Loch Ness, my big speedy brother is running the Berlin marathon. He’s aiming to beat his pb 2:27:20 (which I have to say I probably couldn’t cycle that fast lol). His training seems to have been relentless, elite training, upwards of 140 mile weeks.

I’m glad I’m not chasing pbs like that (although I might see what I can do at the London marathon in 2016! – it certainly wot be anywhere near that though!

Anyway, roll on Sunday!

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