Funny feet five finger shoes

I’ve finally done it and added a pair of these strange shoes into my trainer closet: Vibram five fingers. I first came across them when I was in the U.S about 5 years ago, and more recently I’ve seen them here a few times too.

They’re meant to promote a more natural way to move, and have led the way in more ‘minimalist’ shoes across the globe.

I have to admit, I was always a bit hesitant and dismissive of minimalist shoes and bare foot running – sure our ancestors and the cavemen might have run barefoot, but we’ve (I’ve) had our feet and legs protected by structured supportive trainers all our lives, so my thought was if I went to run in minimalist shoes it might cause injury.

In the last few years, whilst the shoes I run in tend to be supportive, mizuno wave inspires, and any attempt to run long in minimalist shoes (like the Saucony kinvara) usually doesn’t end as well – I have tended to buy minimalist shoes for walking in: my Saucony kinvaras, and my Nike frees. And I like the way they feel.

So I thought – why not? Let’s try these funny feet shoes. (I have the funny feet socks to go with them anyway). I’ve had them about a week now and have been gradually building up my walking in them.

I have to say, they feel great! 🙂 I’ll keep waking in them until at least the marathon (2-3 weeks) and then I might try a wee run in them, but maybe not. We’ll see.

See more here:

The ones I got are Vibram Bikila Evo Womens, bought from achillies heel online, for the best price and free fast delivery.

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