Sleep time…

This holiday has been all about getting some time out and relaxing… and we’ve done that.

We’ve done a couple of long runs, and a gym session, but apart from that it was mostly walking, eating out, coffees, and lots and lots of sleep.

So much so, I’m a bit worried about going back to work next week in that it’ll get in my way of sleeping!

Here’s the hours I got:

28 Aug: 8:45
29 Aug: 6:15
30 Aug: 8:29
1 Sep: 7:52
2 Sep: 10:17
3 Sep: 8:30
4 Sep: 10:56
5 Sep: 10:03
6 Sep: 11:15
82:30 / 9 = 9:10 on average

Last night was just over 11 hours without waking up… I feel like a teenager again (one that sleeps all the time, not an actually moody teenager). 😉

I’ve had quite s few naps through the week too which has bolstered my sleep time up – I wonder if I could ask for flexible working to include some naps at work? 😉

The average sleep has been about 9:10, so I’ll plan to get that each night if I can. And maybe longer after long runs to help my body recover.

I’ve read this book on the holiday and had a good play with a frisbee yesterday. Fun and relaxation (and plenty of sun too, lucky us!)

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