Napping and eating primally

About a year ago I bought Mark Sisson’s book the ‘The Primal Blueprint’ – a good book prescribing the primal life and paleo diet. See more at

Now I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit of s sugar burner, my theory is kind of that I’m a runner and I need sugar, but I probably only need sugar in the amounts I need because I eat so much of it, I’m probably addicted to it, and because it’s easy.

‘You can turn things around quickly, starting with your next meal and next workout’.

The 8 key concepts are:

1. Yes, you really can reprogramme your genes (with the food you eat, exercise you do, sun exposure and air you breathe)

2. The clues to optimal gene expression are found in evolution. (Plants and animals should form the entirety of the human diet: meat, fish, eggs, veg, fruits, nuts and seeds, exercise, less is often more)

3. There is no requirement for Doherty carbohydrates in human nutrition (going primal shifts you to fat burning, with the odd carbs from veg or fruit for endurance athletes).

4. 80% of you body composition is determined by what you eat.

5. Grains and pulses are unnecessary (unless you want a cheap source of calories that turns easily into sugar.)

6. Saturated fat and choke serial are not your enemy.

7. Exercise is ineffective for weight management.

8. Maximum fitness gains can be achieved in minimal time with high intensity workouts (regular brief strength sessions and all out sprints, plus moving slowly – keeping he under 75% of Max).

Here are the 5 action items:

1. Eliminate the typical western diet foods: out with undesirable foods (sugar based, and non natural mainly) that promote weight gain and chronic health problems).

2. Shop, cook and dine primally: meat, fish, eggs, veg, fruit, nuts, seeds. Prep food and eat to get your body to automatically burn fat, not sugar.

3. Make the healthiest choices across the spectrum: in food, exercise, sleep. Allow sensible indulgences in things like diary and dark chocolate.

4. Exercise primally, move, lift and sprint.

5. Slow life down: take time to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Balanced exercise instead of chronic cardio, focussed work habits instead of multi tasking, interpersonal relationships over social media, calm relaxing evenings, plenty of time for play, sun exposure and rest and relaxation. Fun!

Follow it 80% of the time and have the odd indulgence. Eat more on exercise days, including carbs to support training.

I can relate it to my previous way of eating, low, medium and high carbs days whilst strength training.

So even though I’m on holiday, I’m taking the opportunity to try to make better choices, (and I’m trying to see if I can avoid the chocolate / sugar).

So far today I’ve had:

Breakfast: grapefruit then a full breakfast (no bread), black coffee.

Lunch: goats cheese (oops) and pear salad, with chicken. And some sweet potato fries (better than potato).

And plenty of water (no sweeties).

I’ll maybe have meat or an omelette for dinner.

I’ve had about 10 hours sleep, today and yesterday, a main sleep, then an afternoon nap. 😉 pity I can’t do that every day.

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