Long run preparation

Marathon and long run training…. it leads to conversations like this on a Friday at work:

> Someone: ‘What are you up to this weekend Lorn?’

> Me: ’21 miles tomorrow … then…’

> Someone: ‘What?! 21 miles are you crazy?
> Me: ‘I’m training for a marathon, so I do long runs first thing on a saturday.’ 
> Someone: ‘Mmmmm. Ok. Well. Are you doing anything fun at the weekend?’

> Me: ‘yes, aside from running, I’ll probably sleep a bit, and go out for food and coffees and relax a bit’.

Mmmmm. It’s going to be like this for the next 5 weeks before Loch Ness, then again from February to April for London Marathon.

Ah well. Better get used to it. 😉

(here’s the part route for tomorrow – 9 miles on the great Scottish run half m route).

For my long run tomorrow:
– I’ll run 2 miles to Bella,
– then the next 9 miles will be coaching a couple of runners who in helping to train to do the Great Scottish Run Half marathon,
– then I’ll do another 10 miles on my own (I’m just going to wing the 10 miles, no route.)

The weather looks ok, but all this long run training made me think about the prep that goes into running long.

I’ve written about long run prep (before, during and after) before, here:
https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2011/04/14/rituals-preparations-for-long-runs-races/ – it has some tips about how to prep for a long run.

And here’s a list of things I do before a long run:

– Create or find a route.
– Get my water pack ready and chilling in the fridge.
– Eat plenty food (a good meal and maybe a pudding too!)
– Drink plenty water (for optimal hydration).
– Arrange the run with someone else (or plan a playlist / progressive training run for on my own). – Check the weather for the run.
– Set running gear, shades, iPod (if running on my own) out and ready (based on weather).
– Get my energy (and sometimes my recovery drink, and warm gear if I’m running long away from home) ready. – Get a good sleep / early night.

Rock n roll. Lol. 😉

Do you do any of these, or do you do any others?

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